Monday, November 22, 2010

My tickets.....

my tickets for the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds shows in Seattle were delivered by the FedEx gal today. so, 2 weeks from tonight i will be in downtown Seattle with 2,900 other fans attending an amazing concert & not just Monday's concert but i have tickets to Tuesday's as well.

it will be a great time hanging out with my BFF & her little guy as well as doing some shopping quilt stores or otherwise. needless to say i feel very blessed to have gotten tickets for both shows & i think its a great way to kick off the Christmas season. as i have shared in this post here all of the money from the tickets sales is being donated to various charities that are picked by us the concert-goers. Dave has fronted the cost for everything else.

i also realized as i started this post that this is my 100th post. Wow!!!!

i think i will have to do a give-away of some sort here in the next few days. i am coming out of my quilt camp hang over...... however i have a lot to do between now & Christmas so its off to the sewing cave for me.


Bailey said...

You could just give away one of those pairs of tickets to the first person to comment. Oh! That's me - thanks so much!! :)

Bridgette said...

LOL Ann I just love you.!! Thanks for posting all those amazing pictures. LOVE the quilt camp hangover comment. gonna have to snag that one :)