Saturday, February 27, 2010

busy, busy, busy

okay, its been a busy time for me with work and trips out of town
however, i have been sewing
i made the 1st 2 blocks for the pinwheel quilt along i joined
i also made the next block from the Fat Quarter Shop mystery block quilt
i made this block for a holiday block swap that i am in

then, when i was out of town hanging with friends and seeing the docs
i bought this Verna for a circle quilt that i have planned

this owl fabric for another who-who bag for my niece
i made her one for Christmas and filled it with books
and she loves it - more on the bag later

i got this Neptune layer cake to go along with my
Neptune honey buns that i got a couple of weeks ago
no plans yet but my mind it turning on this one

i'm not done yet.......
the 3 fabrics on the left are for cropped pj pants
1 for my SIL and 2 for me
the 4 on the right are for 2 reversible dresses
for......... yep my niece
which she will end up with 3 dresses becuz when i was sorting
my stash i found some more fabric to make another one

and finally
i bought these 2 prints to make skirts for my trip to St John in May
i am using a Favorite Things pattern

so, i am working my regular job this Sat but Sun will be
all about getting ready for quilt camp next week
we are headed to Palouse Divide Lodge about 1 1/2 hrs from here
its an awesome place to sew
Sharon and i are heading to camp Wed morning and not coming home till Sun afternoon
thats a ton of sewing time so i am taking a ton of stuff with me

i have the following planned for camp (subject to change)
  • pillowcases for million pillowcase challenge
  • pj pants (fabric shown above)
  • dresses for niece (fabric shown above)
  • quilting on 2 sm quilts
  • binding on 3 quilts 1 already quilted then the 2 above
  • skirts (fabric shown above)
  • taking 6 bags to make-won't get to all of them but hey a girl needs choices
  • 3 different quilt tops to start putting together

i know, i know thats a lot of stuff but we will see how productive i can be.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

check this out

i was just on amylouwho's blog and guess what
yep she is doing a give-away
so go check her out and maybe you will win....

Monday, February 15, 2010

down but not out

i am sure you all have been there
have great plans with some great people
then that all goes by the wayside when you get hit
with the stomach flu
yep, thats what happened to me this past Thursday
i was down but not out
i got some hand work done on my Quilter's Journey blocks
in fact i finished the 2nd block

and got the design transferred to the 3rd block
by Saturday i started feeling better and went back to work
on my An Everyday Bag and finished it
i still have to find the perfect button but hey
its 99.8% done

i have a tradition with my cousin which took place on Sunday
we sew and watch the Dayton 500, this year was our
11th or 12th year

anyways, my friend Sharon (about 4 months ago) gave me some
kitchen towels to make her a bag with
so thats what i gone done on Sunday
i didn't get everything done that i wanted to get done
this past weekend but who does?
this week i am headed to those rescheduled dr apts
and to hang out with some friends for a couple of days
oh and also to check out a new quilt store that i found
through blogland they have an Etsy site check them out
and of course i will be stopping by to see my friends
i have the next mystery BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop
to do as well as a block swap block to get done
not much sewing time with being out of town for a couple of days
but there is always next weekend.......

Friday, February 12, 2010

change of plans

got hit with the stomach flu yesterday
and a fever of 103
rescheduled dr apts for next week
worst part is no sewing with my bff
never fear plans are already in the works to
put together another sewing weekend

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

super sunday

i ended up working (at my regular job) later
then i wanted to on Saturday
so when i got home i decided to clean my house
& get the laundry done so i would have
all day Sunday to goof-off

so for my goofing-off i got this bag made which i was
working on last week
its a Lazy Girl Designs pattern called Miranda Day Bag
it was easy to make and i already have
someone wanting me to make them one

the best part of it was i used fabric from my stash

i worked on but didn't finish the hand work on my
Leanne's House Journey Of A Quilter block #2
which i got at the Buggy Barn
i did this on our road trip to the quilt store that had the super bowl sale
i was good and only bought
2 Neptune honeybuns
a precut that i haven’t seen before
and 3 1/2 yds that went with it

last night i started on (yes) another bag
this one by Favorite Things its called
An Everyday Bag
i have it cut and ½ way quilted
hoping to get part of it put together tonight

i have plans to head out of town on Thursday for Dr's apts
and spend time with my best friend
of course sewing will be involved so i need to get
this project ready as well as a bag that
i am making for a friend out of dish towels

oh, and most importantly Sharon is coming
over tomorrow to plan our yearly trip to Sister’s
for the annual Outdoor Quilt Show in July
i may live in a small town but Sister’s is only 6 hrs away
with a lot of quilt stores in between
if you have never been
put it on your quilting list of must dos
it started 35 years ago by
The Stitchin' Post in Sitster's Oregon

Saturday, February 6, 2010

the long list

the list is long and the weekend is short (again)
i didn't get done this week what i wanted to but whoever does?
i did get this v-day quilt/blanket done for my niece
its made out of the cuddly fabric w/flannel on the back
if you have ever sewn w/cuddly fabric you know it stretches
needless to say it will be awhile before i sew with it again
also, thanks to my friend Sharon who gave me the pink cupcake
fabric that started this project

i did get a bag started with the fabric below
planning on finishing this tonight after work
will post pics once its finished
i have 2 Christmas quilts to get ready for quilting
they were suppose to be done this past Christmas
but we all know how that goes
hey - i will be ahead of the game for this coming Christmas - right???
since i quilt on my machine i guess time will tell....
the 1st one is "Trees For Sale" pattern made using Figgy Pudding

the 2nd one is a Buggy Barn pattern

and speaking of the Buggy Barn i dug out these fat quarters
that i got there about 1 year and a half ago
i have picked a pattern for these and yes
its a Buggy Barn pattern

i was down and out 1 day this past week with a reaction
to a medication that i just started so i spent a lot of time with my
lap top looking at blogs and quilting websites
what a wealth of information we have at our finger tips

oh, i almost forgot
Sunday we have a road trip planned to a quilt store
that is having its annual Super Bowl Sale
hopefully i won't do to much damage.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

not enough hours

there is not enough hours in the weekend to get it all done but
here is a bit of what took place in my sewing world
cut out and started this super cute cupcake quilt
for my adorable niece
its a V-day gift so its next on the list to finish
made 2 more blocks for Cancer Is Sew Done
not typical colors for me so it was fun putting them together
finished the quilting and binding on this baby quilt
its for a co-worker's sister who is due the 1st part of March

i quilted it with circle just to make it a little more fun
don't look to close some of the circles have an organic shape to them
but that's what makes it unique....right?