Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday & Quilt Camp III post
i saved what i did at quilt camp for this post since this is what i got accomplished this past week.

a bee block that i still need to get in the mail.

i quilted this quilt which i have had the top done for sometime now.  truth be told i have a total of 11 tops & now a few more that need to be quilted.  it was a fun quilt to quilt.  now i just need to get the 11+ quilted.

i pieced the back & i love how it turned out.  i mentioned to a co-worker that i was thinking of selling it & she bought it.  hello more fabric.

i was hired by a friend to make a baby quilt for her sister who is expecting a girl.  i took my box of pink scraps to camp with no plan for the quilt in mind.  i went through my scraps & pulled light pinks.  then went to the cutting table & cut them to 6" with varying lengths.  i then began to lay out rows.
i added a boarder & this is what i got.  i call it my WAG quilt which stands for 'wild ass guess' because i had no plan & it turned out pretty good.  i will be quilting it next week at my next quilt camp.

i got the last 2 boarders on my modern siggy swap quilt.  finally.  i was working on this quilt in March when the call came that my niece was about to be born.  sad to say i not had touched it since then.  but, its now finished & ready to be quilted.
i finished this quilt top which started out as a quilt along in blogland that stopped at block #9.  i picked 3 more star blocks & sewed them up then laid out the quilt with sashing & corner stones.  another quilted needing to be quilted.

drum roll please.......
my Cartwheel quilt top is finished.  i LOVE this quilt.  i LOVE the fabric in it.  i LOVE the pattern.  i LOVE it all.

i laid out all of the blocks at camp & played with the layout some.  then i asked what some of the gals thought.  we moved some blocks around & walked away from it.  came back awhile later & looked at it.  i still liked how the layout was.  so i picked up the rows in order & labeled them.

when i got to the point of being ready to sew the rows together i laid out the quilt again.  making sure for a 3rd & final time that i was happy with the layout.  i was.  so now its finished.  another quilt needing quilted.

what would a quilt camp be for me without a bag.  so, i made this one.  i took a couple of patterns to camp with me.  some fabric. some supplies.  i had nothing pre-cut & ready to go this time.

the pattern is from Pink Sand Beach Designs.  its called Huntington Hobo.  there is an outside zipper pocket which you can see in the 1st pic.  the bag also has a zippered closure which was sort of new for me.  it went together really well & so now i might do some more bags with zippered closures.

i love the lining fabric.  bright & fun.  the pattern calls for 1 set of pockets but when i make this again i will do pockets on both sides of the inside.  i haven't sewin shut the lining yet because i want to add some heavy duty interfacing to the bottom for stability which the pattern doesn't call for.

so there you have it.  what i have been doing in the land of sewing for the past 7 days.  quilt camp was a lot of fun & we had a lot of laughs.

i leave next Wednesday for another camp.  so hopefully i will get a lot done at that camp as well.

also, i noticed that this is my 199th post.  after post number 200 i will be hosting another giveaway so check back soon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quilt Camp II

here is my 2nd post from the quilt camp that i was at this past weekend.

a flip flop quilt made by Leslie.

a Strip Search quilt made by Shelly.

this quilt was done by Joyce & her daughter.  hand embroidery.  amazing.

another top pieced by Shelly.

a top by Jacki.

a ring bearer's pillow by Leslie.

a fun pot-holder that Rhonda brought supplies for & showed everyone how to make them.

a project by Sharon.  not sewin together yet.  its amazing what you see in a picture that you don't see with your eyes.

a top by Leslie.

an amazing quilt top by Joanie.

a few gals did the race car quilt.  this is Shelly's.

this is Leslie's.

tomorrow you will see what i did while i was at this quilt camp.

i realized last night that my next quilt camp is next week.  eek!!!!!!  i leave Wednesday.  its a mini one in McCall with the Renegades.  i have some stuff ready and some stuff to get ready.

fun fun

Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilt Camp I

this past weekend i was at quilt camp.  first one of the season.  we had a fun group of ladies & we all got a lot done.  here are a few pics from camp.  i will be doing a few posts from this camp.

a top finished by Shelly.

at this camp we were asked to make a baby size quilt top for a charity project.

this is mine.

this is Shelly's.

this is Sharon's.

Elizabeth made this adorable baby bonnet.  this camp was filled with some amazingly talented women. 

2 baby quilts by Shelly.

a king size quilt top put together by Joanie.  its a monster.

check back for another post from quilt camp with more projects.

the month of September is coming to a close this week.  the weather is cooler and the days are shorter.  i am sad to see September go.  i had a great month with 3 amazing & unforgettable trips.  thanks a million to those people who made those trips possible.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday (a day late)

a day late but hey that is how things have been for me this month.
i am leaving bright & early this morning for quilt camp.  i packed the car last night & as i got things ready i took a few pics of stuff i will be working on at camp.

i have all of the blocks done for my Cartwheel quilt.  so i will be getting these sewed together.  i can't wait to see how it turns out.

i will finish sewing together this simple baby quilt.  Rhonda who puts together this camp has each of her campers do a baby quilt top for a charity & then she quilts & binds them.  i know.  great idea.

i have a Bee block to put together.

i am going to attempt to quilt this quilt.  depending upon the space i have.

as well as my Opening Day quilt.

i am also taking along my fabric for my drunkards path quilt.  i have no idea if i will get to it because there are several other projects that i packed but didn't take pics of.  par for the course for me this month.  lots going on & not enough time to focus on what to take to camp.  so my logic was 'when in doubt - pack it.'

i will be posting some from camp so you can see my progress.

this is my last journey away from home for a couple of weeks.  it will be nice to have sometime at home.  however, my next trip is to another quilt camp.

happy sewing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

i have had a busy & active past 7 days.  4 of those days were spent on a long weekend out of town.  again.  however, i did get some stuff accomplished in the world of sewing.
i completed all of the fussy cutting for my final 3 blocks on my Cartwheel quilt.

the remaining fabric after the fussy cutting.  i don't like the idea of wasting any of my Prince Charming.

this quilt spent the long weekend with me.  i have some great memories now every time i look at this quilt.  another quilt went as well but it shall remain unseen for now.

i started this the weekend before while i was at the Gorge.  i just have the hands & tie to finish up & i can get it off to its new owner.

i have this weekend at home then i am off to a quilt camp next Thursday.  a weekend home & then another camp after that.  its the season for quilt camps.  time to get all of those gifts made and wips finished up.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

hey all......
not much sewing done these past 7 days.  i mean how could i when i spent 3 1/2 of them at the Gorge in George, WA watching the Dave Matthews Band.  annual tradition that didn't disappoint at all this year.

video of the band closing out the show on Sunday night.  so much energy. its amazing to get to go to every year.

i did start a little hand project on the trip.  its for a friend.  not sure if she will make the connection or not but i am posting it anyways.  i also got some fussy cutting done for my Cartwheel quilt.  maybe some progress on that next week.

this weekend i am off for another long weekend.