Tuesday, May 21, 2019

H2H Quilt Challenge 2019

here are the quilts that i have made and am in the process of making for the H2H Quilt Challenge that Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict hosts each year.

this quilt is all cut - even the backing, batting and binding.  i will get it together this weekend.

the ones below are all finished and ready to be mailed.

Happy Sewing

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hands2Help 2017 Quilts

i save quilts through out the year for the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge.  there is no rule saying you have to make them from the time it stars until the time it ends.  if that was the case i might get one quilt done.

below are the quilts that i have happily sent off.

this pattern is called 3 Layer Cake i saw it made up in a quilt store in Bend, OR on my last trip to Sisters.  the store was out of the patterns so i had them order me one and mail it to me.  before i got the pattern i bought 3 layer cakes because i assumed that is what i would need to make the pattern.  in short... it's not.

a fun twisted 4-patch that a friend of mine showed me.

i think this is the Mod 9-patch pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.

a pattern from the Easy Peasy line of patterns.

i found this pattern in a jelly roll pattern book.

self made cut and construct as you go pattern.  the fabric sizes that i had really dictated to the results of this quilt.  it was fun to put together.

go check out Confessions of a Fabric Addicts blog to see all of the other quilts that people have made for this years H2H Challenge.

happy sewing

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hands2Help 2017

it has been awhile since i have posted here.  ok.... almost a year but i can not think of a better reason to write a blog post than the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2017.  H2H is hosted by the wonderful Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Sarah has done this challenge since 2011 and through H2H has donated over 400 quilts to various organizations which is simply amazing.

i have participated in H2H since Sarah stated it.  i think i met Sarah through an online bee block swap back when those were super popular.  Sarah has a great blog that is active and full of many fun things if you are into quilting.  i decided to look back on my blog at the quilts that i have sent out through H2H to different charities.







in all honesty i forgot about several of these quilts - the patterns and the fabrics.  makes me smile when i remember making them and sending them off to their new homes.  i really enjoy sewing and quilting and even more i love sharing it with people that i will never meet.  

i encourage each of you to go visit Sarah and take a look at the H2H Quilt Challenge.  there are some great charities and several quilt size options that i am sure you will find one that will work for you.

happy sewing

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moon Shine

when Tula Pink's Moon Shine line came out (like most of her collections) i fell in love with it.  the bright colors, the large scale prints, the dots......  everything about the line makes me happy.  i have made a few bags from this line but i had a fat quarter set of it knowing that i wanted to make a quilt using it.

it's Tula and for some crazy/strange reason i have to have a quilt out of each of Tula's collections.  this self imposed rule started with Neptune.  i have yet to part with one of my Tula quilts so i have a collection going.

it took me a while to figure out which quilt pattern i wanted to use for Moon Shine.  i really didn't want to chop up the large scale prints into tiny pieces.  i was going through my patterns and came across this one.  its a pattern that a friend of mine gave me after she made it at a quilt camp years ago.  i remember her being frustrated with the pattern so that is probably why i kept skipping over it when looking for a pattern.

the pattern was a tad funky.  making various units and then following the layout.  it was one of the rare patterns that i actually read first several times before i even cut the fabric.  i think i even might have used a highlighter on the pattern.  probably why i passed it onto another quilter at camp.  lol.  i quilted it with a diamond pattern made from straight lines quilted diagonally across the quilt.  

the front of the quilt used all of the bright fabric so i used the remaining fat quarters as well as some additional Tula fabric for the pieced backing.  i had one unit left over that wasn't used on the front so i sewed it into the back.  just shaking it up a bit.

this is one of my favorite quilts right now.  i need to get it trimmed and bound.  also, this is my 6th quilt that i have quilted this year out of the 10 quilt tops that i started with.  i have 2 quilt tops that i didn't get finished at quilt camp last month that i am going to get put together then i will start quilting quilt #7.  it will be an adventure to say the least.  come back and see how i quilted it.

happy sewing

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prince Charming Dwell

another quilt that i finished the quilting on is my Prince Charming Dwell quilt.  the pattern is Dwell from Camille Roskelley and i used Tula Pink's Prince Charming fabric line for it.  i only made 9 houses so its a nice wall hanging size.

i had fun quilting this one with various quilting patterns and thread changes.  

here is the back of the quilt.  not a very good picture but you can kind of see the quilting that i did on the houses.  i did a stipple in the negative space and i also added some smoke waves coming out of each chimney.

i love this line of fabric.  it is one of my favorites from Tula.  it should look great in my future sewing area next to my Neptune sewing machine quilt wall hanging.

this is my 5th quilt that i have quilted this year out of the 10 quilt tops i started with.  i quilted this while i was at a friends house for a short weekend.  i also got my Moonshine quilt finished there too.  i will post about that one next.  that leaves me with 4 tops left to quilt and i have saved the larger ones for the end.  the next one i have ready to go is my Tula Pink log cabin Beads quilt.  i am going to be trying something new with that one.....  wish me luck.

i have also been to quilt camp since i last blogged so i will need to do a post on that trip as well.  

happy sewing

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ramblings and Such

things were going along well for me.  
i was making progress on getting my 10 quilt tops quilted.  2 finished and working on the quilting for top number 3 and thinking about the quilting for number 4 so i would be ready when its turn under the needle came.  i wasn't feeling the greatest but i pushed through like we all do.

i did a little custom quilting on this mini sewing machine quilt on the spools and the machines themselves.  i used some of my Tula Pink Neptune fabric for this quilt.

i quilted an over all stipple in the background on it and i added needles to each machine.

the back is fun to look at too.  makes me smile.  plus this was a quick one to get finished.

i was determined to get the 4th quilt top quilted by the start of the big football game a couple of Sundays ago.  despite how i was feeling i pulled the fabric for the backing of quilt top number 4 and went to work. 

i like how it turned out.  kind of it's own quilt.  i love making pieced backs because not only do you get to use up the fabric from that collection but it is also fun.

i quilted this quilt with double and single loops allover it.  more of a big open design so the quilt is nice to cuddle with.  i finished the quilting on this right before kick-off.  so 4 out of my 10 quilt tops are quilted.  yeah!

then the Monday after the big game it hit me.  
i had some extreme pain on my right back flank and it was swollen and a rash was forming.  i was scanning my memory to try and figure out what i had done to myself.  my mind was going crazy with what might be wrong with me.  since i was at work i had a co-worker look at it and she uttered the one word i never thought of 'shingles'.  denial was my first reaction.  there is no way i have that.  but i quick trip to the minor care clinic at the hospital confirmed it.  OMG  let me just say that shingles are horrible.  when the minor care doc told me that i would get worse before i got better she was right.  i got started on an anti-viral medication which helped prevent the blisters and they say reduce the pain but i am not sure about that.  i was home for 4 days straight and dang near went crazy.  i was in pain.  couldn't sleep much. and i don't do well sitting still.  the one thing that helped me the most was ice because it would numb the area.  

while home i would spend some time in my sewing area.  moving stuff around.  organizing.  trying to feel like i accomplished something.  i came across the boxcar tote pattern by Green Bee and decided that i could make that.  so i pulled the fabric and interfacing one time.  then another i cut everything.  then another i fused it all together.  little by little the tote came together.  

i finished it over the weekend and i really like it.  its a great size and very rigid.

i decided to use it to hold all of my hand sewing stuff.  i have several zip pouches that hold the stuff now.  i just put them all in the tote with plans to go back and organize it better.

i also got the binding for the 4 quilts cut and ready to be put on the quilts.  i use my other sewing machine for that so i think a marathon binding session will be in my future.

in other sewing related news i will be going to quilt camp the first week of March for 5 days.  i am really looking forward to this.  i need to make a list of projects i want to work on and start prepping them for camp.

happy sewing
i hope you never get shingles

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What keeps you company....

what keeps you company when you sew?

of course people have various answers to this question.  from noisy to complete silence.  some like to have a tv show going.  some like to listen to music.  some have a movie playing.  some just enjoy the quiet.  i find that for myself it depends upon my mood as to what if anything keeps me company when i sew.  also it can depend upon what i am working on.  i prefer quiet when i am reading a pattern and figuring out cutting instructions.  once i have my list of what needs to be cut i am good but getting to that point can be messy if i have a distraction.

for me a few things keep me company when i sew and so i thought i would do a blog series on the topic.

first on my list would be Podcasts.

  i can't remember when i came across my first podcast but i have been hooked ever since.  there are podcasts for everything you can imagine.  i listen to sewing/quilting podcasts, NPR podcasts, a podcast from a mixed media artist, business podcasts...  the list is ever evolving and expanding.  here are a few.

Pam hosts this podcast and she is also involved in The Stitch TV Show which is another thing i will listen to when i sew.  they also host a monthly virtual sew-in.  you should check them out.

Katie and her mom Dori host this podcast and they are so fun to listen to.  they talk about lots of hobbies from sewing to food and just about everything in between.  

Sandi hosts this podcast and i really like her style.  for each podcast Sandi has a guest from the crafting industry.  from sewers, authors, fabric designers and more i always enjoy her shows.

Stephanie hosts the Modern Sewciety podcast and every time i listen to one of her shows i find myself talking with a southern accent.  LOL  Stephanie is from/in the south and her southern charm comes through on her shows.

these are just 4 of the sewing/crafty podcasts that i listen too.  all can be found in iTunes or through their websites.  there are several other sewing/quilting podcasts that i listen to as well.  search iTunes or Google sewing/quilting podcasts and you will see options galore.

i also enjoy the NPR podcasts Serial, This American Life and Fresh Air.  mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts has a great podcast called The Possibilitarian Podcast.  i love Kelly's work and thought process.  its fun to hear her talk of her process, life and other things.  Tara Swiger is someone i recently came across through Periscope and her podcast Explore Your Enthusiasm is full of information for makers in business.  Tara gives great tips and ideas and also challenges her listeners. While She Naps is another great podcast that touches on business things as well as sewing things.

i highly recommend giving a listen to a podcast or 2 or 5 or 10. 

happy sewing