Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moon Shine

when Tula Pink's Moon Shine line came out (like most of her collections) i fell in love with it.  the bright colors, the large scale prints, the dots......  everything about the line makes me happy.  i have made a few bags from this line but i had a fat quarter set of it knowing that i wanted to make a quilt using it.

it's Tula and for some crazy/strange reason i have to have a quilt out of each of Tula's collections.  this self imposed rule started with Neptune.  i have yet to part with one of my Tula quilts so i have a collection going.

it took me a while to figure out which quilt pattern i wanted to use for Moon Shine.  i really didn't want to chop up the large scale prints into tiny pieces.  i was going through my patterns and came across this one.  its a pattern that a friend of mine gave me after she made it at a quilt camp years ago.  i remember her being frustrated with the pattern so that is probably why i kept skipping over it when looking for a pattern.

the pattern was a tad funky.  making various units and then following the layout.  it was one of the rare patterns that i actually read first several times before i even cut the fabric.  i think i even might have used a highlighter on the pattern.  probably why i passed it onto another quilter at camp.  lol.  i quilted it with a diamond pattern made from straight lines quilted diagonally across the quilt.  

the front of the quilt used all of the bright fabric so i used the remaining fat quarters as well as some additional Tula fabric for the pieced backing.  i had one unit left over that wasn't used on the front so i sewed it into the back.  just shaking it up a bit.

this is one of my favorite quilts right now.  i need to get it trimmed and bound.  also, this is my 6th quilt that i have quilted this year out of the 10 quilt tops that i started with.  i have 2 quilt tops that i didn't get finished at quilt camp last month that i am going to get put together then i will start quilting quilt #7.  it will be an adventure to say the least.  come back and see how i quilted it.

happy sewing