Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Going To.......

yep - this coming Wednesday i head to quilt camp at Palouse Divide Lodge.  because of life last year i was not able to go this quilt camp.

i am sooooooo excited to be going.
i am sooooooo excited to be able to sew for 4+ days.
i am soooooooo excited just to get away for awhile.

i have been getting projects ready for camp.  i am a total quilt camp nerd when it comes to prepping for camp.  i like to have each project cut and in its own container ready to sew.  which is what i have been doing with my free time for the past week or so.

Kate Spain Verna fabric that has been well aged.  i had to do some pre-sewing of strips in order to get the blocks all cut out.  this quilt uses a rainbow template.  maybe that is why it has been sitting in my closet for so long....

my last bee block quilt top to get together.  i did some pre-sewing here as well.  i only had 11 blocks and needed 12.  duh....  i hadn't made my own block.

Origins.....  need i say more.
its not the quilt on the cover its one inside the book that i am making.

drunkards path blocks that i pre-sewed as well.  i cut these awhile back (maybe 2 years ago) on a AccuQuilt fabric cutter.  it was a set of fat quarters. i have 180 blocks and my layout is random.  it might look like a hot mess when i am done or it might turn out just fine.

doing a simple pattern with this layer cake.

Bliss....  a pattern i came up with using a Moda Candy Bar.  fingers crossed it comes out ok mathematically.

a bag or two

another bag

and another bag

Halloween quilt

pillow cases to go with my Tula Pink Stacks quilt that is being shipped to the quilter shortly.

bindings to get put on 3 quilts.

i have a couple more projects that are almost ready to go.  i will post those as well.  i always take more projects to camp then i can get done but i like it.  it gives me options to choose from with regards to what i want to work on.

i have decided that getting ready to go to quilt camp is sort of like tailgating before a sporting event.  you tailgate so you can enjoy the game.  i prep for camp so i can enjoy camp.

happy sewing

ps - the end of February marks the end of 2012 for me.  the unhappy issue that start back in the middle of 2012 was resolved this month.  so on the eve of February 28th i will say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013.  best part of all i will be at quilt camp doing what i love spending time with those that i love.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cartwheel Finished

i am happy to report that i have finished my Cartwheel quilt.
if you are a reader of my blog you know i started this at a class at Sisters that Tula Pink taught.
in 2011.

better late then never.....

i used Tula's Prince Charming fabric for this quilt.

i quilted this myself.

quilting something different in each one of the spokes in the wheels.

i quilted swirls in the background fabric.

i love this quilt.
not a little love but a lot of love this quilt.

the back.  i love pieced backs.  

a little whimsical fun for the back.

the binding.  simple.

i love this quilt.

seriously love this quilt.

just in case you didn't get it before.
i love this quilt!!!!

happy sewing