Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sisters Bag

ok, so this is my 3rd attempt at this post. 1st it posted last week without pics. 2nd i re-did it this morning & went to post it & the words were gone. grrrrrr.................. i am not loving Blogger right now.
each year i go to Sisters for their Outdoor Quilt Show. i go with with a group of friends & i have a rule that you must make a bag to take to Sisters. so this is my bag for our 2011 trip.

the fabric is Prince Charming by Tula Pink. laminate on the bottom and regular cotton on the top.

i used the Teardrop Bag pattern from this Amy Butler book. i mainly followed the pattern with the exception of the pockets on the inside. i did those a little different.

i love how the 2 frogs show up on the sides of the bag. this was my 2nd attempt at this bag. the 1st time i had the frog in the middle & with the pleat you couldn't see him. so i cut a 2nd bag & like this much better.

a shot of the inside of my bag. i used a magnetic closure on the bag. i like the kind that are sewin in on the wrong side of the fabric. with these you are not pulling at the fabric each time you open your bag.

so there you have it. my 2011 Sisters bag. i got a lot of comments on it while i was at Sisters. people liked it because of the colors & shape. then they realized that there were frogs on it & liked it even more.

i use the bag often & really enjoy it. i have a couple more posts from my trip to Sisters that i hope to get up this week.

on another note. the quilt top that i made for Venezie Designs was featured here in a blog post. also, you should go check out Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict & see all of the quilts that were made for the H2H Challenge.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

1st of all can i get a Woo Hoo!!!! i am posting WIP Wednesday & its actually Wednesday. ha ha ha. i am doing this post on Monday night before i leave for California. if all goes according to plan it should post on Wednesday. we will see if i did it right.
this fabric caught my eye at a shop in Redmond, OR when we were on our Sisters trip. i love the color of it but i also love the dragon flies as well as the bugs and spiders on it. strange i know. anyways, i was thinking skirt when i saw the fabric.

so that is what i made. i love how it turned out. i will be wearing it on my trip with a black top & some new black shoes that i got. it will be interesting to see what if any comments i get on it.

the pattern is from Amy Butler its her Barcelona Skirts pattern. i made the A line one. i ended up cutting off about 4" to get it to the length i wanted. the skirt is lined and it went together fairly easy.

i have other fabric that i bought on that trip to make another skirt as well.

i hope you all are having a great week. i will get to go see Mickey tomorrow as our closing event is at Disneyland.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hands 2 Help Update


the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge quilts have been shipped. whew. i wasn't sure if i was going to get that done before i leave for California tomorrow. in the box is a total of 4 quilts. 3 from me and this 1 from my friend Barb.
Barb did a simple Turning Twenty. i love how it shows off the fabric & the quilting on it is amazing. it was done by a local quilter.

her backing fabric is adorable as well. very fun & playful.

this is my 3rd one finished. i think i showed pics of the top awhile back. i finally got it quilted and bound. i had a fight with my machine on this one. breaking threads, needles and such. it think its time for a much needed service.

so, there are the 4 of them. ready for their new homes in Romania. i love the idea that someone in another part of this world will find comfort in something that i made.

i know that we are all busy with life & such but if you have the chance to help someone with the comfort of a quilt. do it. take the time. it will be time well spent.

a huge THANK YOU to Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict for putting this all together. Sarah you are an amazing person who has one of the biggest hearts i know of. i am so lucky that our paths crossed in blogland.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WIP Whatever...

remember this stack of fabric i showed you sometime ago? lovely isn't it? anyways, i was sent this fabric along with a pattern to sew up a quilt top for Karen from Venezie Designs for her shop.
the pattern I did was Chain Reaction from Cluck. Cluck Sew. so that pile of fabric turned into this quilt.

not the best pic but its set in a nice grey solid.

it was an easy pattern to make & i loved working with colors that i normally don't work with.

thanks Karen for letting me be a part of your shop on the other side of the country.

my health still has been somewhat of an issue so i haven't spent much time with my machine lately. i am planning on sitting down this evening to do some quilting.

wish me luck.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WIP Whatever....

you know that song from The Wizard of Oz..... 'if I only had a brain' yep that one. that has been my theme song since about the beginning of July. i have lost my mind & i am just about ready to give up looking for it. i know that i have several posts to get caught up on. the class with Tula Pink. shopping at Sisters. the quilt show itself. i know. i know. i need to find my mind. soon.
here are a couple of pics of my purchases at Sisters.
i am slightly impressed that the stacks are not of all green fabric. remember though i didn't have my brain with me on this trip so that could explain the lack of green.
just a few shots of quilts that caught my eye from the show.
yes, i will be doing a whole post with more pics of quilts.
of course i couldn't do a post & not include this one. Space Dust by Tula Pink. i have a million pics of it & the quilting on it. AMAZING to say the least.

i did sew this past week. in the class at Sister's. i got two Cartwheel blocks done.
i am excited with how they turned out & i want nothing more then to finish up the rest of them. but, i have several other things to sew before i can get to that. i have a baby quilt to get cut out, sewin together, quilted and bound by this Saturday. i told you i lost my mind. i have a store sample that i am working on for someone that needs to get done ASAP. i have another project that i need to get back to. plus a million more other things. not to mention the fact that my health is not cooperating with me & i have made weekly trips out of town to the doc. maybe i will find my mind soon & i can get some of this stuff done.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sisters Day 1

day 1 is under our belts here at Sisters. this was the 1st year that i have taken a class at Sisters. they have classes going the whole week prior to the Outdoor Quilt Show. my friend Shelly took the class with me. we did Tula Pink's Cartwheel pattern with Tula.

here is a pic of Tula's Cartwheel quilt. the quilting on it is amazing. it was done by Angela Walters.
of course i had to get a pic with Tula. she is so much fun to take a class from. we learned a lot & met a lot of wonderful people.
then a pic of my partner in crime Shelly & me. we don't often get to spend a whole day together & it was great catching up, sewing & goofing off.

last night we went shopping at The Stitchin Post which was great. i will post more pics about the class when i get a chance. for now we are off to more quilt shops for some retail therapy.

Friday, July 1, 2011


as most of you know i go to Sisters, OR each year for their Outdoor Quilt Show. its about a 6 hour drive for us but we make an adventure out of & have lots of fun getting there. this year will be (i think) my 6th year of attending the show. after the 1st couple of years i wanted to do something more then just go to the show. so 1st i did their quilt block challenge which i did again this year. then i decided to put a couple quilts in the show. last year i only did the block challenge but this year is different.

this year i not only did the block challenge but i have put 3 quilts in the show this year.

this in my Hope Valley Sampler quilt that i did from Amy's QA over at Amy's Creative Side.
i love the back of it just about as much as i love the front of it.
i call this quilt Cotton Candy because of all the soft color in it. the pattern is Strip Search. it was a fun one to make and it went together very quickly.
this quilt i call Red Box. i made it from KarrieLyne's QA over at Freckled Whimsy. KarrieLyne taught us the basic block & then showed us several ways we could lay them out to get different looks.

as most of you know i am also taking a class at Sisters this year. i have talked & talked about it each year i have gone but never have done anything about it. until i was on Twitter and learned that Tula Pink is going to be there teaching a class. the little girl inside of me was screaming with joy & jumping up & down. Shelly & i are taking her class on Thursday which will be a blast.

i hope to do a couple blog posts from the Sisters trip this year. so check back to see what kind of trouble we found along the way.