Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Sewing.....

i have been sewing some these last couple of days.

i didn't really stop sewing when all of the chaos started in my life this past year.  i just didn't blog much.  so, i have a lot of stuff to share.  some of which i still can't share because not everyone has received their Christmas gifts from me yet.  once that has happened i will show you those as well.

i did get behind on bee blocks.

November's for Linda

December's for Shannon

finished my Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM top from 2010.

sewed up backings for 3 quilt tops.  this is the only one that has a little spunk to it.  its called being resourceful and using what you got.

all 3 quilts stacked neatly with their backs.  ready for batting and some quilting.

i even got the bindings ready as well.  yeah me.
now for something new.  there is a lot of chatter out in blogland about A Scrappy Trip Along.  i am jumping on board.  you can check out the flickr group as well.
happy sewing

Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking Back & Moving Forward

looking back

on January 1st of this year i did a blog post titled 'Resolutions'.  in that post i listed five things that i wanted to do this year.
1.  sell my house
going on the market shortly
2.  continue blogging
did so - so on this one
3.  spend more time with these monsters
i think i accomplished this
who wouldn't want to spend time with these two

4.  see DMB more then i did in 2011
i didn't make this one but priorities change
5.  (maybe) travel some
Houston, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle, Las Vegas

in that same blog post i also listed four resolutions that were mental or emotional things that i wanted to strive towards.

1.  to rise above the little things
2.  continue to live in the present
3.  spend my energy on the things that i can control
4.  live for myself

i do believe that i have been true to the four items listed above and i plan to stay on that path.  keeping those four things in mind helps me to realize just how small some problems/issues really are. 

the first part of 2012 was calm and quiet compared to the last half.  i long for calm and quiet again.  i know that it is somewhere in my future.

the passing of my grandfather in July was hard.  he was 98 and it was his time to go, but knowing that hasn't made it any easier.  shortly after that my family faced some challenges that we are still working through and will follow us into 2013.  

in October my dad unexpectedly passed away and changed all of our lives forever. i miss him every second, every minute, every day.

my post from January 1st 2012 said "i know that 2012 will also bring lots of changes as well as some challenges".  at the time i wrote that i never thought there would be so many tough times ahead for me.  for the past 6 months i have been overwhelmed with emotion from the changes in my life.  some days it takes everything I have just to get through it.

minute by minute
hour by hour
day by day
week by week

with each passing week i move forward into my new life not knowing the answers to a multitude of questions.  hoping and praying for the pain to lessen and for some sense of normalcy to return to my life.

moving forward