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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working On WIPs

my life has been crazy lately.  to say the least.  
so to escape the craziness of life i sew.  
sewing is like therapy for me.  
the hum of the machine.  
the cutting of fabric.  
the steam from the iron.
the little successes that sewing gives me have been a HUGE benefit to my mental health.

i know that i will soon be packing up my house and moving into a temporary location for awhile.  a lot of my stuff will go into storage.  almost all of it.  with the exception of my personal items and sewing stuff.  my new sewing space will be small compared to the space i have now.  i know you can do a lot in a small space.  i am just use to my space.  which i won't have anymore.  heavy sigh.

with all of that being said i am feeling a push to get old unfinished projects a.k.a. WIPs done and finished up. 
i know i made my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
a temporary moment of weakness is all i can say about this quilt.
oh, and the fact that it is finished.  yeah me.

so as of right now i have 4 quilts out to a quilter.  1 quilt waiting for the green light to ship it to a quilter.  2 quilts that i am planning on quilting myself and 1 quilt that i am not yet sure who is going to quilt.

binding ready to go

for the various quilts

so out of the 2 quilts that i am quilting myself this is the one i am working on now.

my Cartwheel quilt using Prince Charming from the class i took in Sisters from Tula Pink.  i am having fun playing around with different quilting designs on this quilt.  i hope to get it finished up soon and onto the 2nd quilt i have that i am quilting.

happy sewing

Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIP Thursday

slow & steady...
that is how things have been around here.  i am still fighting this head cold/flu bug.  i am starting to think its never going to leave me.
i have done a little sewing.

i did work on a bee block that was suppose to be done in January.

a spider web block.

this is the next quilt that i will be quilting.  a top that has been finished for some time now.  i have several of those tops.  i need to get them quilted so i can start on a new top.  i have several swimming around in my head right now.

this being one of them.  the Single Girl quilt.  i have cut out all of my templates & i have started cutting out the fabric.  its something i can do while i am resting.  i am a really bad sick person.  i hate more then anything to lay around & do nothing so i trace templates & cut fabric.
i did finish my Spice Market Tote.  i have used it & its huge.  i have plans to make the smaller size one as well.

happy sewing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

hi everyone
not a very productive week.  i have been a bit under the weather.

i did finish up this bag.  which i had put the handles on backwards so i had to unsew.  then re-sew the handles on & add the lining.

bright & cherry on the inside.

i was going to use this fabric to make another bag like the one above but i have decided to make the Spice Market Tote out of it instead.  i think that the owls will be fun in this bag.

i started another scarf with the left over yarn.  i needed to do something while i rested & so this has been it.
i also started on block #6 of my Quilter's Journey quilt.  i am sure it will take me about 6 months to get this one finished.  hahahaha

happy sewing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WIP Plus 3

hey there everyone.  i am still here.  i have just been traveling for the past week & didn't take my laptop with me & since i haven't figured out how to do a blog post from my phone this post is late.  better late then never as they say.

i did get some projects done since i have last posted.

i bought this flannel last fall when i was at a mini quilt camp with the Renegades in McCall.  i knew what i wanted to do with it & just finally got around to doing it.  no surprise pajama pants.

the flannel matches the flannel in a quilt that i made a couple years ago & i still have this quilt.  sort of fun to have pajama pants that go with a quilt.  its a perfect match for snuggling & since we now have snow here......

i also finished this scarf.  i knit.  something i do every now & then.  it was the first time i followed a pattern & did something other then the basic knit stitch.  it was a fun scarf to make & i did un-knit a few times when i had realized i had done a row wrong.  un-kitting is just about as much fun as un-sewing.  anyways.  this scarf was a gift for Someone special to me.  i know that they will enjoy it & use it which makes me smile.

i was in Houston last week & while i was there my sewing machine was at The Quilting Bee (one of my favorite shops) in Spokane getting serviced.  it was in great need of some TLC but i just couldn't part with it.  since i flew out of Spokane to Houston it worked perfectly to have my machine service while i was gone.  i picked it up yesterday along with some new fabric.  smile.  i can't wait to sit down & sew.  its like getting a new machine after they service it.

check back here soon.  i plan on posting some other things i have been working on as well as my fabric purchases that i got.

happy sewing.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


WIP.......  work in process
this week that is me and my life.  i am a work in process.  always.

sadly today i said goodbye to a lifelong friend.  someone who had one of the biggest hearts i know of.

someone who i spent half of my life with on a regular basis.  its not until people like that are gone do you realize the impact they had on you and your life. 

this week i pause to remember her.  pray for her son.  send good thoughts to her family.

and remember that 'life is short but sweet for certain'

so hug a little longer, laugh a little harder and love a little deeper.
you will be glad you did.

Friday, January 6, 2012

WIP Friday

its Friday......
and yes i missed posting on Wednesday but with work & life it just didn't happen.

i wanted to share with you my newest little tool.

its a mini iron from Dritz & i love it.

i keep it beside my machine with the pressing pad & it works great.

i used it when i made this bee block this past week.

i also made this bag which the name of the pattern escapes me but it is from Me and My Sister.  i am in love with the bag.

so in love that i am in the middle of a 2nd one.
and i have plans for a 3rd one.

happy sewing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

i am back on track with this post.
not much to share as i am sort of taking a break from the holiday sewing rush.

i have finished the top for my cousin's quilt.  she had a little boy the 1st part of December.  the quilt was simple to put together.  i used a charm pack of Pure & some brown Kona cotton.

i am backing it with fleece.  i just need to quilt it & bind it.

i came across this great blog Thirty Hand Made Days & i love it.  i got these great thank you post cards from there which i am sending out for some gifts i got.  Mique has a lot of great crafts & ideas on her site.

super cute!!!!

a new semi related to quilting project that i have started.  like the rest of you i have several old quilting magazines that i can not part with because there are projects/ideas in them that i might need someday.  so..... awhile back i got this idea from someone on Twitter & it has become a new project for me for 2012.

nope i won't be using my sewing machine for this.  i will be using my scanner.  i have started going through the old magazines & tearing out the projects/ideas that i want to keep.  i then scan them into pdf files.  heck of a good idea.  i love Twitter for stuff like that.  it takes time to do this.  that is why its a project for all of 2012.  i did one today so i have a head start.

i have another long weekend coming up so i hope to get the quilting done on the baby quilt & maybe work on a couple other things.

happy sewing.
12.29.11 update Carolyn over at ...just one more stitch is having a giveaway.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WIP Almost Caught Up

hey there.
here is some of the stuff i did for Christmas gifts.

i made the Renegade's each a sweatshirt.  light grey hoodie with 'Renegade Quilter' embroidered in one of their favorite colors.
Sharon - black
Lynette - red
Denise - blue
me - green

this is the 1st one i did as a test on just a regular sweatshirt.  the gals loved them & the next time we are all together & wearing them i will get a pic to post.

i made several of these zipper bags as gifts.  they went together quickly & made great little gifts for friends & family members.  my niece's even got one with the Disney Princess's on them.

a couple of weeks before Christmas i was hired to make a quilt for a 7 year old girl.  this is the fabric that i picked.  i had free range for the pattern.

i randomly selected fabric & sewed together blocks slightly larger then 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"

i then trimmed them all down.  layed out the quilt & sewed it up.  i added a brown boarder to it.  its super cute.  the mom that hired me was very pleased with it & i learned today that her daughter calls it her 'special blanket'.  makes me smile.  needless to say in the rush to get it done i failed to take a pic of it.  so, the mom is working on getting one for me to post.

tomorrow i should be back on track for my regular WIP Wednesday posts.

happy sewing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

WIP... What I have been up to....

oh how time gets away from me..........
seems like forever since i have done a post.  which it has been awhile.  sorry.  i have been busy with all of the holiday stuff.  i will do my best to get you caught up on what i have been working on.
but first.  some things that have come my way.

like this box.

from Moda.  yep.  Moda did the 12 days of Christmas & i won one of the days.

i won a layer cake of Half Moon Modern.  it came all tied up with a pretty bow.  i love this line of fabric now & i will be getting more of it.

the Renegades got together & we had our Christmas party a couple of weeks ago.  funny we all made our gifts for each other this year.  i made embroidered sweatshirts for each of us.  i forgot to take a pic so i will do that & put it in another post.

Denise made us these cute 3"x5" notebook covers & also gave us a Starbucks card.

Lynette made us these etched wine glasses with a bag to put it in for when we go to quilt camp.  She also gave us a bottle of wine.

Sharon made us each one of these super cool oil cloth bags.  i love mine.  she also gave us the coolest gadget.

they were on our gift bags & i thought they were like a pin you would wear on your sweater or jacket only they are magnetic.

they are made of a ceramic material & you do wear them on your shirt.

however you put your pins on them when you are sewing.  super cool.  i love it.  maybe you have seen them before but i had not and i think its the neatest thing ever.  i used mine while i was doing my holiday sewing and i love it.  i think they are called 'cling ons'.  funny i know.

so that is part of what i have been up to.  a little holiday cheer with the gals & a little holiday cheer from Moda. 

come back for my next post which should be tomorrow to see some of the stuff that i made for gifts this year.

happy sewing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

hi everyone.  there has been a little bit of everything going on this past week.  i have a few projects that i still can't show you because of Christmas.  but, i can share with you this.

this is just some of my Pure stash which is from Sweetwater by Moda.  i have been holding onto it waiting for a project to come along.  wait no more.  the project is here.

my cousin is expecting her 2nd child this Friday & so i am making a little baby boy quilt for her & the little guy.  i have some more work to do on it but it will be done & delivered before the end of the year.

i have also been cutting out these cute little Christmas dresses.  a year or so ago i made my niece a paper doll quilt & now she will be getting some holiday outfits to go with that quilt.

i still have a few hats to cut out but i should get that done this evening.
tomorrow night i hop the plane to Boise to spend a long weekend with my nieces & their parents.  i am looking forward to this time with them since i haven't seen them all since August.  criminal.  i know.  they are coming home for Christmas but with how crazy things get around that time i like to take the time now to just have some me time with them all. 
i hope that you are all making progress on your Christmas projects & that you have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

right now i am mad at Blogger or myself for not being able to figure it out.  i have the pictures going the right direction in the file but when they upload they are all going the wrong direction.  so, use your imagination.  i am sure that i am the problem given the day that i have had.

no sewing in this post.  too much Christmas stuff that i can't share.

however, i can share a cute little project i did for gift bags.

i took scrap fabric in a shade of green & put some steam a seam stuff on it & then cut out triangle shapes.  it did the same with some brown fabric & cut out trunk shapes.

peeled off the backing & positioned them into trees.

then i ironed them down & added a button to the top of the tree.

there you have it.  some simple.  affordable. cute gift bags.  these are headed to Spokane tomorrow with gifts for my friends up there.  i hope they enjoy them.

maybe next week i can show some sewing on my WIP Wednesday post.

happy sewing