Saturday, January 21, 2012

WIP Plus 3

hey there everyone.  i am still here.  i have just been traveling for the past week & didn't take my laptop with me & since i haven't figured out how to do a blog post from my phone this post is late.  better late then never as they say.

i did get some projects done since i have last posted.

i bought this flannel last fall when i was at a mini quilt camp with the Renegades in McCall.  i knew what i wanted to do with it & just finally got around to doing it.  no surprise pajama pants.

the flannel matches the flannel in a quilt that i made a couple years ago & i still have this quilt.  sort of fun to have pajama pants that go with a quilt.  its a perfect match for snuggling & since we now have snow here......

i also finished this scarf.  i knit.  something i do every now & then.  it was the first time i followed a pattern & did something other then the basic knit stitch.  it was a fun scarf to make & i did un-knit a few times when i had realized i had done a row wrong.  un-kitting is just about as much fun as un-sewing.  anyways.  this scarf was a gift for Someone special to me.  i know that they will enjoy it & use it which makes me smile.

i was in Houston last week & while i was there my sewing machine was at The Quilting Bee (one of my favorite shops) in Spokane getting serviced.  it was in great need of some TLC but i just couldn't part with it.  since i flew out of Spokane to Houston it worked perfectly to have my machine service while i was gone.  i picked it up yesterday along with some new fabric.  smile.  i can't wait to sit down & sew.  its like getting a new machine after they service it.

check back here soon.  i plan on posting some other things i have been working on as well as my fabric purchases that i got.

happy sewing.

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