Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again........
where does all of the time go?
nothing too exciting this week.  a finish & my next sewing project.  oh & some none sewing related info.

i finished my jelly roll race car quilt.  i totally lost the race but i love how it turned out.  i added a narrow dark brown boarder & then wider print boarder.  i decided to miter the corners.  someone showed me this way awhile back & it works every time for me.

remember me telling you i unsewed 800" because i didn't want my snowmen standing on their heads.  i am so happy i did that.  i love that they are all going the same direction.

just a close up of a mitered corner.  i love how they look & after i do them i always say that i am going to always do my boarders this way.  but.....  that doesn't always happen.

so this quilt gets added to the stack of others that need to be quilted.

speaking of quilting.  i was in my front yard the other day & my neighbor comes over & asks me if i quilt.  my answer was 'yes' & she proceeds to tell me how she is a seamstress & tried quilting but didn't like it.  i about passed out thinking how could anyone not like quilting.  then she tells me that she has a quilting frame that her sister gave her.  her sister is big into quilting.  my neighbor wanted to know if i wanted to have it.  as in free.  heck yes was my answer.  i don't know much about it except its metal, expands out to a king size & that she & her husband are going to bring it over this weekend.  i am super excited to see what it is & if i can use it.  i will keep you posted.

this is the next project on the to do list.  i can't say much about it except it going to be a gift of sorts that travels.

now for the none related sewing stuff.  nothing major going on.  i will just have less time to sew & that means being less productive.  i have decided to make a change in my life & that is going to require a bit of my time & energy.  i have lots of (none sewing related) projects that need to get done to make this change happen.  i will still be sewing just not as much.  who knows.  you might even get to see a couple of those none sewing related projects here.  misery loves company right????

i hope you all are sewing away & being productive quilters.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

so what have i been working on.  i have been sewing & i have been unsewing which is something that we like to call 'successful training'.  hahaha. 

a couple of quilt camps ago a few people got on the jelly roll race car quilt kick.  at the time i did not.  i though about it & thought about it.  i thought of ways to change it up some.  make mine a little different.  i am a renegade after all.

in McCall i decided it was time to make the jelly roll race car quilt.
so, i took my jelly roll, trimmed the salvage edges & cut them in two.  instead of 40 strips i had 80.  instead of mitering the ends i butt seamed them.  then i started to sew the 1st seam.  my jelly roll has directional fabric in it.  i realized that if i put the quilt together like the instructions said that i would have snowmen standing on their heads.  i only did the 1 seam in McCall before we packed up & came home.

a few days of being at home & i decided to unsew that 1st seam.  all 800 inches of it.  for some reason i could not have my snowmen standing on their heads.  yes, i am crazy.  but, at least i admit it.

so, here it is.  my renegaded jelly roll race quilt.  if i was in a real race i would have been black flagged for going too slow.  i love that all of my snowmen are going the same way so if 1 stands on his head they all will be standing on their heads.

i have 2 borders to add to the quilt.  a narrow solid brown & then a wider print from the same line.

i make & sell handbags at a local artisan barn & they were out so last night i took these to the barn.  a little bit of variety.

for the camp in McCall i thought it would be nice if each of us brought fabric so i could sew up a pillow case to donate.  we got the fabric but the sewing up part didn't happen until this past week.  they are washed & ready to be delivered.

lastly, i must share.  back in March or April when i saw Countdown to Christmas from Sweetwater i knew i wanted some.  so my friends who have a quilt shop near by ordered my a fat quarter bundle.  i has forgotten about it until i got the email explaining why i didn't have it sooner.  no big deal.  i have no plans for it except to sit and look at it.  i love this fabric.

i hope everyone is having a productive week.

Winner Winner

the lucky winner of the 2 countdown to christmas charm packs is......

Debra said... 

Defiantely color catchers and the heat set signatures should be fine!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday & A Giveaway!!!!

this week i am sharing what i got done while i was at the Renegade's quilt camp in McCall this past weekend.  if you stick with me through the entire post you will see a giveaway at the bottom.  no jumping ahead.  there might be a quiz.

no, this is not mine.  Denise put this together at camp.  amazing i know.  she does beautiful work & is very talented.  she is also super nice so she shares her knowledge with the rest of us.

another Denise creation.  she started this at my house back in May & finished it up at camp with adding the boarders to it.

i made this quilt awhile back.  i quilted & bound it at camp.  i think i have about 13 quilts or so that need quilted.  at least one is done.

i used a studio dye cutter to cut the tumblers which went super quick.

i love the front but i also love the back.  its a modern twist on the back & i am beginning to love this look more & more.

i quilted & bound this baby quilt that i made at the previous camp.  i called this my WAG quilt.  i gave it to the gal today who asked me to make it for her & she loved it.

i took my serger to camp with me as well.  i made 9 pairs of pajama pants.  i can not show you all 9 pairs here because 7 of them are for gifts & some people do read my blog.  the 2 i am showing here are for me.  i have 1 more pair to make then i am done with pajama pants for awhile.

i put together this top at camp as well.  these blocks came from a block swap thing i did with some local quilters/friends.  our theme was a holiday or a season.  i picked Christmas.

an up close shot of my focus fabric.  i am pleased with how it turned out.  so add that to the list of quilts to be quilted.

i took my 2010 Modern Siggy Swap quilt to quilt while i was at camp.  i got it done but not without some challenges.  i spray basted it in the garage at camp. i then got Denise to look at it with me to talk about the quilting of it.  it was then that i discovered i had put the bottom row on wrong.  ugh.  so, i peeled back the quilt, unsewed the bottom row, fixed it & re-basted it.  yuck.

i used rainbow variegated thread for the quilting.  i just did swirls around each block.  this is a shot of the back of the quilt.  the quilting frames each siggy block.

i am very happy with how it turned out.  white is not a color that i normally use but for this i thought it was the right way to go.

so now for the $64,000 question.
do i wash it?  yes or no?
if i wash it then how?  or do i use special quilt washing soap?
i want to wash it but i am afraid of lightening some of the signatures or having some of them bleed.  someone said as long as its heat set i should be fine washing it.  i don't know what to do.  i want the puckery look of a washed quilt but i don't want to loose any of the signatures.


this is where i get your advice & you get a chance to win something fun.

my previous post was #200 for me & so i thought i should have a giveaway.  i am giving away 2 'countdown to christmas' charm packs.

for 1 entry leave me a comment about washing my siggy quilt.  would you wash it?  if so how?  or any tips, tricks you may have for me regarding this issue.

for a 2nd entry blog, Tweet, Facebook or tell a friend about my giveaway & leave me a comment letting me know what you did.

so, that's 2 chances to enter.  you must leave a comment for each item.  i will leave the giveaway open until 5:00 pm (pst) Monday the 17th.

so get out there & spread the word!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday on Thursday.
no surprise there.  yesterday we traveled to quilt camp & got set up & settled in.  the Renegades are in McCall, ID for a long quilt camp.

here is a pic of the lake & the town.  taken from the City of McCall's website.

McCall is a great place to come anytime of the year.

sorry no sewing related pics.


this is my 200th post so i will be having a giveaway soon.........

make sure to come back for that.