Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

so what have i been working on.  i have been sewing & i have been unsewing which is something that we like to call 'successful training'.  hahaha. 

a couple of quilt camps ago a few people got on the jelly roll race car quilt kick.  at the time i did not.  i though about it & thought about it.  i thought of ways to change it up some.  make mine a little different.  i am a renegade after all.

in McCall i decided it was time to make the jelly roll race car quilt.
so, i took my jelly roll, trimmed the salvage edges & cut them in two.  instead of 40 strips i had 80.  instead of mitering the ends i butt seamed them.  then i started to sew the 1st seam.  my jelly roll has directional fabric in it.  i realized that if i put the quilt together like the instructions said that i would have snowmen standing on their heads.  i only did the 1 seam in McCall before we packed up & came home.

a few days of being at home & i decided to unsew that 1st seam.  all 800 inches of it.  for some reason i could not have my snowmen standing on their heads.  yes, i am crazy.  but, at least i admit it.

so, here it is.  my renegaded jelly roll race quilt.  if i was in a real race i would have been black flagged for going too slow.  i love that all of my snowmen are going the same way so if 1 stands on his head they all will be standing on their heads.

i have 2 borders to add to the quilt.  a narrow solid brown & then a wider print from the same line.

i make & sell handbags at a local artisan barn & they were out so last night i took these to the barn.  a little bit of variety.

for the camp in McCall i thought it would be nice if each of us brought fabric so i could sew up a pillow case to donate.  we got the fabric but the sewing up part didn't happen until this past week.  they are washed & ready to be delivered.

lastly, i must share.  back in March or April when i saw Countdown to Christmas from Sweetwater i knew i wanted some.  so my friends who have a quilt shop near by ordered my a fat quarter bundle.  i has forgotten about it until i got the email explaining why i didn't have it sooner.  no big deal.  i have no plans for it except to sit and look at it.  i love this fabric.

i hope everyone is having a productive week.


Sarah Craig said...

Love your jelly roll race quilt! And it makes me happy that your snowmen are all facing the same way!!

pcflamingo said...

Hey! I have that black googly-eyes fabric that's in your pillow case except I have it in the lime green color. I love making pillow cases, they are such a quick present and you can fill them with all kinds of goodies. Love that Countdown to Christmas stack of fabric - yum!