Monday, February 16, 2015

100 Good Wishes Blocks

With life at a simmer and sort of getting back to normal I decided to get out my Tula Pink City Sampler quilt and finish up the last 25 blocks.  I love this book and how Tula put it together.  The blocks are nameless and you the creator get to name each of the 100 blocks.  As I have said in previous posts I have named my quilt The 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  Each block named after a good wish.  I was inspired by a necklace I have that has 100 beads on it for 100 good wishes.


I have done my best to stick as close as possible to the fabric/color choices that Tula did on her cover quilt.  I normally don't do this however I love the rainbow effect the placement of the blocks gives this quilt.

I cut the fabric for the last 25 blocks and put the pieces of fabric in the book with the block that they went with.  I made a huge mess getting out and going through my Tula stash in the process of doing this.  Once I got done cutting I decided to have a mini Tula destash sale over on Instagram which is a whole other topic.  Gesh....

Blocks 1 - 75

I posted pics on IG as I finished.  I needed to keep myself motivated to get to the end.

Good & Positivity
Sing & Cherish
And then the Sewing Angels sang.....

And all 100 Good Wishes blocks were done.  True confession....  I did a touchdown victory dance when I took the last one off my machine.

I knew that I wanted to do the Gridlock layout from Tula's book and I knew that I wanted to use Kona Ash for my setting fabric.  I am not a fan of white in quilts so I looked for something with less of a contrast and landed on Ash.

I decided that I wanted to layout the blocks on my design wall to make sure they all looked good together and that nothing was wonky or stood out.  I must say again.  I freakin love my design wall.  I have no idea how I have lived without one for so long.

I loved it.....  except for one block.

So I remade it and its perfect to me.  Love Love Love It!!!  Can you tell which block I remade?

Prior to cutting the setting fabric I had decided that I did not want my sashing to finish at 2".  I did not want that much space between these blocks.  At first I thought 1 1/2" finished sashing would be nice but.......  that was too much for me.  So I have landed on 1" sashing and 3" finished borders.  In my head it looks amazing and I hope that it sews out to be amazing.

I cut up the setting fabric and took my quilt off the design wall labeling each row.  I tucked everything into a plastic bin where it will remain until quilt retreat the first week of March.  I am super excited to see my 100 Good Wishes Blocks become a Good Wishes quilt.

In other quilting related things.  I have sandwiched my Tula Pink Fox Field Mystery quilt and it is ready to be quilted.  I am really trying to stay on top of my quilting this year by not having a pile up of tops that need to be quilted.  Besides this one I think I have 3 others that need quilting.  I think.  There might be more but I know its no less than 3.  Oh... wait... I just remembered another one so there is at least 4.......

happy sewing