Thursday, May 30, 2013

City Sampler QA

as many of you already know the amazing Tula Pink has a new book out.
Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks
i knew i wanted to make this quilt but didn't know when.  didn't know which layout.  i just added it to my 'want to make someday' list.

until i was reading Sara's blog Sew Sweetness and she announced that she would be hosting a quilt along for this book.  that was all the motivation that i needed to jump in and get started.  knowing other quilters out in blogland are quilting along with me through this book helps me to stay on task and get the blocks made.

Sew Sweetness

when it came to picking out fabric it wasn't too hard of a choice for me.  i love the quilt on the cover.  i love Tula's sketches in the book of each block.  so, i dug into my Tula stash for this one.  i think i have fabric from most of her lines.....  not sure if i have all of them.

my plan is to use mainly Tula's fabric in the quilt with only adding some solids here and there.

block #1
as you can see Tula has not named the blocks.  she has given us the privilege of naming our own blocks and really making this quilt our own.  i have some thoughts for a naming them.......  just nothing set in stone yet.

block #2

block #3

i am very happy with how the first 3 blocks have turned out.  i am happy that i have decided to join in on this quilt along with the rest of my blogland friends.  its not to late.  hope over the Sara's blog for all of the details.  there is also a Flickr group so check that out at well.

happy sewing

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day Tradition

 that's the number of geraniums that i have gotten every Memorial Day for the past several years. those 62 geraniums are put into a green rectangle flower boxes and a piece of grass green carpet is added to keep them upright as well as to cover the pots the geraniums are in. 

 we do it this way because that is how my grandpa has always done it.

for as long as i can remember my grandpa would put together these flower boxes each year and place them on family members graves each Memorial Day. six or seven years ago my cousin and i began helping my grandpa do this. 

 when we did this we would take a walk through our family's history each year. some years there were several family members that joined us. other years it might just be a few of us, but it always got done.

with the passing of my grandpa this past year it was more important to me then ever that the tradition is carried on. so just like years past i ordered the geraniums. placed them in the boxes with the carpet and got them ready for their time in the sun.

my cousin put them out this year and i will be picking them up and reversing the process i did just days before. the geraniums are then given out to family and friends for them to plant and enjoy all summer long.

(my great-great uncle)

as our list of family members who have passed on gets longer somehow we have always managed to make the 31 flower boxes always work.

(my great-great grandparents)

and each year we get to remember those who were before us and how we are related. i think its pretty cool that we go as far back to the relatives who first came to this part of the country. those who helped make our area part of what it is today. my great-great grandfather was the first tailor in town. i guess sewing is in my blood.

(our town's 1st tailor)

what ever you are doing on this Memorial Day i hope you pause and take a moment to remember those who have passed. those who have served. the people who are the reason we are here.

tomorrow i will be out picking up 31 flower pots. taking my walk through history and remembering my family members.

happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Toes In The Sand

i have decided to jump on board with the Toes In The Sand Quilt Along.

it really didn't take much to get me there. i just needed the pattern booklet.

if you have not heard about Toes In The Sand quilt pattern it is designed and written by Julie of Jaybird Quilts using her Hex N More ruler.  when it came to picking the fabric for this quilt i paused.... but only for a moment.  i have a stash of Prince Charming by Tula Pink.  i used this fabric for my Cartwheels quilt that i made in Sisters at a class from Tula.  for some crazy reason i over bought on..... every pattern.  ;-)

here are the blocks i have made so far.

blocks #1

blocks #2

blocks #3

as i said before i over bought on fabric for my Cartwheels quilt.  i had a grand idea to use this print for my background fabric on that quilt.

as usual my grand ideas are never thought all the way through.  i actually thought i would be able to pattern match this print in that quilt.  LMAO.....  crazy i know.  so now enter a more reasonable idea.  to use it as my setting fabric for Toes In The Sand.  i think that the large setting triangles in this fabric will be great with the various fun triangle blocks.  plus i need to do something with the yards and yards of this fabric.  

check back to see my progress.

happy sewing

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Love Being An Aunt

as you know i have a couple little monsters in my life. my niece's. the oldest monster is turning 5 shortly and for Christmas she got an American Girl doll. so for her birthday i decided that her doll needed some new clothes. i checked out the prices of an 'official' American Girl doll outfits and passed out. once i recovered i remembered a pattern book i had bought a few years ago for doll clothes for 18" dolls.

of course me being me - i didn't follow the pattern directions and i did my own thing.

i used the pattern pieces as guides but used velcro instead of snaps for ease of use.

i lengthened this top instead of adding a ruffled bottom to it because i didn't feel like dealing with a ruffle.

the best part of making these clothes was that it used up scraps that i had.

scraps from quilts, pajama pants, bags or even ones given to me from other sewers.  they were fun to make and easy to sew up.  i don't have the name of the pattern book i used with me but i will update this post later with that information.

on another note - i know i haven't been posting much lately....  or at all.  however i have been busy.  i have moved my sewing space out of my house and into its new location.  that takes some time getting things set up how you want them.  whew.  glad that is over.  i have also been working on a few other projects that i will be sharing here soon.

happy sewing