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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Quilty Goals

in hopes of getting some quilt related things accomplished in 2014 i decided to make a list.  one of my favorite things to do.  list making.  doesn't always mean that everything on the list will get done......  but at least i have a list.  i once heard the saying 'if you track it - it will improve' i hope that applies to quilting.  i put my list in my journal.  i thought that would be the best place for it considering the likelihood that i will be looking at in on a fairly regular basis.

not a very good pic because i wrote with a metallic pen and then re-wrote over it in purple.  not the prettiest but its a list and in the end that is what matters.

first up on the list is

the Single Girl quilt.  i have had this pattern for a year +.  i have my fabrics selected and the background fabric as well.  templates are all cut and ready to go.  next step is to cut all the pieces out and start sewing.  this isn't a quick quilt at all.  it will take time to cut and piece it all together.  as you can see i have chosen my favorite color for this quilt because this one will stay with me.  i figure if i am going to put this much effort into a quilt it should go to someone who will appreciate it.  lol.

my next quilty goal for 2014 is

too finish my Quilter's Journey quilt from Leann's House.  with one exception (i think) this is my oldest WIP i have.  i started it about 8 years ago.  it was a block of the month from The Buggy Barn.  they sent a pattern and fabric each month with the idea being i would complete a block a month.  i apparently thought i had super powers back then as i was to piece the block and get all of the embroidery finished before the next block showed up.  lol.  i now happily refer to this as the block of the year quilt.  there are 9 blocks total and i am currently in the middle of finishing block #7 pictured above.  if i can get blocks 8 & 9 done this year then i can finish the top and get it quilted and bound in 2014.  which means it took me 9 years to get it done.  fingers crossed that i accomplish this goal.

my 3rd quilty goal for 2014 is a big one.

i want to quilt my current stack of quilt tops that need quilting and stay current with quilting tops that i finish in 2014.  some of you may be saying 'good luck' - i am even saying that to myself.  however, i am going to try.  its a goal not a must do.  at the bottom of that pile is my oldest WIP - a quilt that i have been working on since......  the beginning of time and it just needs to be quilted and bound.  it was a block of the month from Thimbleberries.  funny how my tastes have changed.  i still like the quilt but i think it will be a gift for my brother - not that brother but the other one so don't worry Angie if you are reading this.

going from the bottom to the top of the pile after the Thimbleberries quilt is my Toes in the Sand quilt made with Tula Pink's Prince Charming fabric line.  next is my Swoon quilt made with Tula Pink's Parisville fabric line.  then there is a drunkards path quilt, a bee block quilt and last but not least my own pattern quilt made using the Bliss fabric line.  

so 6 tops in total that need to get quilted. in addition to whatever tops i put together in 2014.  if i am being honest here this is the one goal that might not get accomplished.  i hope to get these 6 done but i don't know if i will be able to stay current on 2014 quilts.  time will tell.

the next goal on my list is to use as much fabric from my stash as possible this year.  i didn't take any pictures of my stash because its all in plastic drawers behind closet doors.  i moved it from my house and got it organized into its new home here at my mom's just before Christmas.  i prefer to keep my fabric stored out of the light as i have seen fabric fade from light exposure.  to each their own but mine is kept in hiding with hopes of it shrinking in 2014.

my next goal is a quilt i want to make out of

Reunion from Sweetwater.  i want to make a granny square quilt.  i have had this layer cake for awhile and i have some Kona navy that will be my setting color.  this quilt has been on my list for awhile and i think that 2014 is the year for it.

i would also like to make a dresden plate quilt using

this lovely fabric from V & Co.  again i have had this on my list and think that it will be a fabulous quilt using the dots and ombre fabric for the dresden plates.  besides its green and green makes me happy so why wouldn't i want to make this quilt in 2014?

the last item on my 2014 quilty goals list is to finish this

my Cargo Duffle bag.  its a pattern from Noodlehead that i cut out the fabric for in November.  don't laugh i know its ridiculous.  one would think that i would just have continued on and sewed it up.  but i didn't so its added to the 2014 list.

that is all that i put on my list for 2014.  i know its ambitious to some and to others it might be a piece of cake but for me (like Goldilocks) its just right.  i know that other projects will jump in.  two already have.  i thought i had quilting ADD but i am beginning to realize that i do not just have to sew on one project at a time but that i can have several going and that its ok if my sewing area looks like a bomb went off in it.

do you have any quilty goals for this year?
i would love to hear what they are.

happy sewing

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Favorite Quilt........


my favorite quilt of all time.... since i have been making quilts.

i don't have a fancy smancy camera so i did the best that i could with what i got.  if you read my blog you know the story behind this quilt.  if not, check it out here.  its from a class i took from Tula Pink last year.

a few close up pics of my favorite parts of the quilt.  i love the squirrels.

the pinwheels intermixed with the other various sizes of fabrics makes this such a fun and happy quilt.

more squirrels.  i love fussy cutting fabric.

the back.  i found the fabric in a quilt shop not to far from me called Material Girls in their clearance section.  that is one of my things i do when i visit quilt shops.  i seek out their clearance section and see what they might have for possible backings.

Teresa from Quilting Is My Bliss quilted this quilt for me.  i met her at the Tula Pink class last year.  she did a honeycomb pattern all over the quilt and I LOVE IT!!!  the quilt was waiting on my door step one evening when i got home.  once i opened the box and saw Teresa's amazing quilting i was so happy.  like Christmas morning happy when i was 6.  

this quilt has so many happy memories for me.  i love the fabric.  it was a great trip to Walla Walla for me.  an amazing class where i met some really cool quilt people.  Teresa being one of them. 

i had the binding ready and waiting so it went on the quilt a few days later.

this quilt is headed for my bed.  i made 4 pillowcases to go with it and i just ordered a purple dust ruffle.  silly i know but I LOVE THIS QUILT.  once its all together on my bed i will share a few more pics.

Stacks - my favorite quilt of all time

it makes me so happy during a time when i really need it.  that also might have something to do with why I LOVE IT so much.  

my Grandmother passed away this past week.  she lived to be 92 and had a great life.  i have lost 3 people that i was very close to in the past 9 months. my Grandpa, my Dad and my Grandma.  i know we are never given more then we can handle but........  we could really use a break so if any of you are into sending good thoughts out to people we could really use some right now.

happy sewing

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working On WIPs

my life has been crazy lately.  to say the least.  
so to escape the craziness of life i sew.  
sewing is like therapy for me.  
the hum of the machine.  
the cutting of fabric.  
the steam from the iron.
the little successes that sewing gives me have been a HUGE benefit to my mental health.

i know that i will soon be packing up my house and moving into a temporary location for awhile.  a lot of my stuff will go into storage.  almost all of it.  with the exception of my personal items and sewing stuff.  my new sewing space will be small compared to the space i have now.  i know you can do a lot in a small space.  i am just use to my space.  which i won't have anymore.  heavy sigh.

with all of that being said i am feeling a push to get old unfinished projects a.k.a. WIPs done and finished up. 
i know i made my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
a temporary moment of weakness is all i can say about this quilt.
oh, and the fact that it is finished.  yeah me.

so as of right now i have 4 quilts out to a quilter.  1 quilt waiting for the green light to ship it to a quilter.  2 quilts that i am planning on quilting myself and 1 quilt that i am not yet sure who is going to quilt.

binding ready to go

for the various quilts

so out of the 2 quilts that i am quilting myself this is the one i am working on now.

my Cartwheel quilt using Prince Charming from the class i took in Sisters from Tula Pink.  i am having fun playing around with different quilting designs on this quilt.  i hope to get it finished up soon and onto the 2nd quilt i have that i am quilting.

happy sewing

Friday, June 8, 2012

Misc Stuff

i haven't been up to much in sewing land.  i am getting ready to tackle my next quilt for quilting.  i think 4 more left to go after this one.  i think.  although i try and not to think about it too much.

i plan on spending sometime this weekend with this quilt.

i did have some happy mail this week.  i got 16 fat quarters in the mail of Flea Market Fancy that i won from the H2H Challenge that i did.  the fabric came from Miki who blogs over at mikisquilts - thanks for the fabric i have been wanting some of this for awhile now.

last week i got these two blocks in the mail for my bee block group.  they came from Charlene and Christina.  thanks ladies.

happy sewing

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am......

i am still alive.......
i have been busy with life.  it some how seems to get in the way of my sewing.  ugh.  stupid health issues.  none the less i have been back to quilting.  i made this deal with myself that i can't start a new project until all of my tops are quilted.  what was i thinking?  i don't think i was thinking at all.............  the good news is that i finished quilting another one today.

here are the 6 that i have done so far.

the question now is do i quilt more or do i start putting the binding on these?  also, if i have the fabric, the pattern and the project stated in my head (months ago before this deal i made with myself) does that count as starting a new project?  wondering minds (mine) want to know.  i am itching to start putting these Swoon blocks together.......

note to self - don't loan out your camera to your brother who goes on a trip to Mexico and doesn't give your camera back for a month....  no matter how many times you ask for it back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What I have been up to......

life has been crazy with a lot of different things.  from work.  to family.  to friends.  to everything.  that is life.  a little bit of everything all of the time.  i have done some sewing since the last time i have posted.  quilting to be exact.

i have knocked out 5 quilts and i have the 6th one ready to go.  if i have counted correctly i think i have 7 more to do after number 6.

i know.  how does this happen?  i get so excited about sewing together a top that is all i do.  what good is a quilt if it isn't quilted?  so, i have made a deal with myself.  no new quilt projects until i am caught up with my quilting.

noticed i said quilt projects.  doesn't mean i can't throw a pair of pj pants or a new bag or tote in there along the way.

i am in the middle of the stretch of quilting - looking forward to the downhill side of it.  then.  i must face binding these quilts.  ugh.

one thing at a time.

happy sewing.