Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Busy Week or Two

it has been a busy couple of weeks for me but not too busy for some sewing.  i finished up the year end commitments at work that i needed to which meant some long days and chaos in my mind at times.  it was worth it because i met my family at the famous little mouse's house in California for a little vacation.

have sewing will travel.  i did some sewing on my Tula Pink Salt Water Hex on the Beach quilt while i waited in the airport for the other's to arrive.  i think i was putting together row 18.  i am almost halfway there.  whoot whoot.

over the past couple weeks i have also made progress on the 10 quilt tops that i have that need to be quilted.  this is the 1st one and i had fun quilting it.  i did an overall loopy pattern.  

i made it to the 2nd quilt.  i did some echo quilting inside of each star with matching thread.  i also used the same thread for the center square of each log cabin and the pink border.  i did a larger overall stipple on the rest of the quilt with a light grey thread.

i have the scraps ready for both quilts to cut up and make the binding for each quilt.  since i sew my binding on with a different machine i will wait until i have a couple more quilts quilted and then bind them all at once.

this is the 3rd quilt that i will be quilting.  it is a mini but it is counted in my 10 tops that need quilted.  i will be using 5 different colors of thread on this one because its Tula and its NEPTUNE.  need i say more?

i have started on it......

i hope to finish the quilting on it this week.  i think that is a reasonable goal given the size of it.  LOL

this was the last day at Disneyland.  we were all tired but we all had a great time.  

i got row 18 together on the trip and so i have started sewing it to row 17.  

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

Oh, what a lovely newsy post!! I love your quilts - congratulations on getting the first two quilted! Love your Tula Neptune quilt, and I can't wait to see what you do with the quilting. Have fun, and whoop whoop!!