Wednesday, April 28, 2010


finally..... after what seams like forever i am back at my sewing machine spending time with it. nothing super exciting except for some quilt along blocks that i have been getting caught up on.
Jelly Roll Quilt Along
Jelly Roll Quilt Along
Pinwheel Quilt Along
Pinwheel Quilt Along
this evening i have 1 more block for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along then i am current (finally)
then i have to pick a pinwheel block that i like to finish out my blocks for that quilt along..... not sure which 1 i will do yet.... stay tuned
i do have about 3 skirts i need to hem and finish up for my up coming trip to the Virgin Islands. i am so excited i can hardly stand it..... i haven't been on a real vacation that hasn't involved work for about 6 years... stay tuned for pics of the finished skirts....

Friday, April 23, 2010


i have been missing in action for awhile now. its funny how life gets in the way of sewing and all of the fun stuff we love to do. not fare!!!
i am headed to Boise this weekend to hang out with family and see my favorite little monster. no quilt shop shopping planned just some good old family time.

i will be back into sewing next weekend - lot to do and lots to get caught back up on.
and, if you have seen this already - go check out jaybird and see what she has been up to!