Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again........
where does all of the time go?
nothing too exciting this week.  a finish & my next sewing project.  oh & some none sewing related info.

i finished my jelly roll race car quilt.  i totally lost the race but i love how it turned out.  i added a narrow dark brown boarder & then wider print boarder.  i decided to miter the corners.  someone showed me this way awhile back & it works every time for me.

remember me telling you i unsewed 800" because i didn't want my snowmen standing on their heads.  i am so happy i did that.  i love that they are all going the same direction.

just a close up of a mitered corner.  i love how they look & after i do them i always say that i am going to always do my boarders this way.  but.....  that doesn't always happen.

so this quilt gets added to the stack of others that need to be quilted.

speaking of quilting.  i was in my front yard the other day & my neighbor comes over & asks me if i quilt.  my answer was 'yes' & she proceeds to tell me how she is a seamstress & tried quilting but didn't like it.  i about passed out thinking how could anyone not like quilting.  then she tells me that she has a quilting frame that her sister gave her.  her sister is big into quilting.  my neighbor wanted to know if i wanted to have it.  as in free.  heck yes was my answer.  i don't know much about it except its metal, expands out to a king size & that she & her husband are going to bring it over this weekend.  i am super excited to see what it is & if i can use it.  i will keep you posted.

this is the next project on the to do list.  i can't say much about it except it going to be a gift of sorts that travels.

now for the none related sewing stuff.  nothing major going on.  i will just have less time to sew & that means being less productive.  i have decided to make a change in my life & that is going to require a bit of my time & energy.  i have lots of (none sewing related) projects that need to get done to make this change happen.  i will still be sewing just not as much.  who knows.  you might even get to see a couple of those none sewing related projects here.  misery loves company right????

i hope you all are sewing away & being productive quilters.

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Sarah Craig said...

I love your jelly roll race quilt! It looks awesome - and I need to try mitering my borders. That looks amazing.

And yes, misery loves company, so share your non-sewing related projects with us so we can share your pain!! Maybe it will make it go a little easier.... ;-)