Monday, January 23, 2012

New Additions

here are the new additions that i added to my stash last week.  they all came from The Quilting Bee in Spokane.

left to right.  lining, handles & outside of bag.

left to right. lining, handles & outside of bag.

which bag?  the Spice Market Tote for both sets of fabric.  i have had this Single Girl pattern for awhile now.  i wanted a project that will take some time but yet one that i will enjoy.  this was the winner.  i hope to work on my templates soon.

pretty sure this will be a bag of some sort.  not sure which one yet but i had to have this fabric.

you all know that i love me some Sweatwater fabric.  i had to have this layer cake of Reunion.  i am thinking of Julie's Circle Around quilt with it using this grey Kona.

i also picked up a basic brown Kona & another good brown blender fabric.

last but not least.  backing fabric.  favorite thing about the Bee is its sale hall.  40% off of this.  love it.

i think this is a good addition for the beginning of 2012.  now i just need to get some sewing done.

happy sewing.

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