Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WIP Almost Caught Up

hey there.
here is some of the stuff i did for Christmas gifts.

i made the Renegade's each a sweatshirt.  light grey hoodie with 'Renegade Quilter' embroidered in one of their favorite colors.
Sharon - black
Lynette - red
Denise - blue
me - green

this is the 1st one i did as a test on just a regular sweatshirt.  the gals loved them & the next time we are all together & wearing them i will get a pic to post.

i made several of these zipper bags as gifts.  they went together quickly & made great little gifts for friends & family members.  my niece's even got one with the Disney Princess's on them.

a couple of weeks before Christmas i was hired to make a quilt for a 7 year old girl.  this is the fabric that i picked.  i had free range for the pattern.

i randomly selected fabric & sewed together blocks slightly larger then 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"

i then trimmed them all down.  layed out the quilt & sewed it up.  i added a brown boarder to it.  its super cute.  the mom that hired me was very pleased with it & i learned today that her daughter calls it her 'special blanket'.  makes me smile.  needless to say in the rush to get it done i failed to take a pic of it.  so, the mom is working on getting one for me to post.

tomorrow i should be back on track for my regular WIP Wednesday posts.

happy sewing.

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