Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working On WIPs

my life has been crazy lately.  to say the least.  
so to escape the craziness of life i sew.  
sewing is like therapy for me.  
the hum of the machine.  
the cutting of fabric.  
the steam from the iron.
the little successes that sewing gives me have been a HUGE benefit to my mental health.

i know that i will soon be packing up my house and moving into a temporary location for awhile.  a lot of my stuff will go into storage.  almost all of it.  with the exception of my personal items and sewing stuff.  my new sewing space will be small compared to the space i have now.  i know you can do a lot in a small space.  i am just use to my space.  which i won't have anymore.  heavy sigh.

with all of that being said i am feeling a push to get old unfinished projects a.k.a. WIPs done and finished up. 
i know i made my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
a temporary moment of weakness is all i can say about this quilt.
oh, and the fact that it is finished.  yeah me.

so as of right now i have 4 quilts out to a quilter.  1 quilt waiting for the green light to ship it to a quilter.  2 quilts that i am planning on quilting myself and 1 quilt that i am not yet sure who is going to quilt.

binding ready to go

for the various quilts

so out of the 2 quilts that i am quilting myself this is the one i am working on now.

my Cartwheel quilt using Prince Charming from the class i took in Sisters from Tula Pink.  i am having fun playing around with different quilting designs on this quilt.  i hope to get it finished up soon and onto the 2nd quilt i have that i am quilting.

happy sewing

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