Friday, January 18, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around The World

my 1st finish of 2013.....
my Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt.  i first blogged about it here and i am very happy to say it is done.  not the whole quilt just the top but that alone feels GREAT!!!!

when i started this quilt i was just using Flea Market Fancy but then figured i would need some more fabric to make the size i wanted.  so i busted into my Katie Jump Rope stash.

i (as randomly as possible) put strip sets of 6 together.  sewed them up.  cut them apart.

unsewed.  and finally sewed the blocks together.

i started this at the end of December and i had 3 blocks done before i had to leave on a trip.

once back from my trip i got back to sewing, cutting, unsewing and then sewing again.

my stack of blocks grew.

and fairly quickly i had them all made and laid out and 
the rows sewed together.

and the quilt top finished.

i am very happy with this quilt.  i love, love, love how scrappy it is.  i also love the pops of dark in the quilt.  i think i did a decent job of scattering them throughout the top.
i am pretty dang happy with my first finish of 2013.  completed in under a month from cutting to a finished top.
tonight i will work on the backing which will be scrappy as well and then i will see about the quilting.  i might do this one myself.  thinking that a bunch of swirls would look good on it.
happy sewing


Diane said...

Looks great! I completed my top yesterday as well.. these are so fun to make!

Colleen said...

Love it! I wish I was brave enough to cut into my flea market fancy!

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful, Ann! I hope mine looks that good when it's done!