Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Resolutions & Words

i have given this some thought.
do i want to do resolutions this year or do i want to have a word for this year?
me being me thought... why not do both?
so, i am.
Ten Mile Beach Port Douglas Australia 


at the beginning of last year i made some resolutions.  i have decided that this year some of those resolutions will be carried forward into the new year.
1. to rise above the little things.
2. continue to live in the present. the past is just that. the past. the future is unknown so why spend time worrying about the unknown. it will be what it is.
3. spend my energy on the things that i can control
4. live for myself. make choices for myself rather then based on someone else's needs. i am not being selfish here. i just don't want to live how certain people think i should live just to please them.
with all of the changes that the past few months have brought me i have decided to stick with these guidelines for 2013.  to do my best to remind myself of these when things get tough or when i am challenged by something.


around blogland i have read several posts where people have picked a word for the year.  i have thought about what word i would pick.  one single word that would help guide me as i take on the new year one day at a time.  several have crossed my mind and i have weeded through them.  i am not able to settle on just one single word, so i am going with two words.
change & authentic
i know that over the next several months there will be a multitude of changes in my life.  a lot of them are unknown at this time but i know that i need to be open to change.  willing to let things unfold and be able to face the upcoming changes with my best self that i can be.  which leads me to my second word.  authentic.  remaining true to who i am is at the core of it.  keeping the four resolutions listed above in mind will help me to stay authentic to myself and to others.
so there you have it.  no HUGE sewing "to do" list for me this year.  i think that my life "to do" list will end up writing itself as each day passes.
one small side note:  in my world (inside my head) i am still in 2012.  i want to start the new year off right with a fresh outlook and the feeling of newness.  however, there is an unresolved issue from 2012 that is still hanging around.  sort of like gum that you can't get off the bottom of your shoe.  i hope that it will be wrapped up in February.  so 2012 will have 14 months in it and 2013 will only have 10.  i plan on having a New Years Eve party on February 28th to ring in the New Year and i will be at quilt camp on that date - what a great place to be to celebrate the end of an extremely hard year and the beginning of a new one.  surrounded by friends and fellow quilters.
happy sewing

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Connie said...

Those are wonderful words and great resolutions for the coming year!