Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

right now i am mad at Blogger or myself for not being able to figure it out.  i have the pictures going the right direction in the file but when they upload they are all going the wrong direction.  so, use your imagination.  i am sure that i am the problem given the day that i have had.

no sewing in this post.  too much Christmas stuff that i can't share.

however, i can share a cute little project i did for gift bags.

i took scrap fabric in a shade of green & put some steam a seam stuff on it & then cut out triangle shapes.  it did the same with some brown fabric & cut out trunk shapes.

peeled off the backing & positioned them into trees.

then i ironed them down & added a button to the top of the tree.

there you have it.  some simple.  affordable. cute gift bags.  these are headed to Spokane tomorrow with gifts for my friends up there.  i hope they enjoy them.

maybe next week i can show some sewing on my WIP Wednesday post.

happy sewing


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very cute project! I don't know about the picture thing - knock wood, have not had the problem.

Candi said...

Cute bags!