Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Space Dust

hey there.  i will be in St Louis for work when this posts.  i flew out Sunday at o'dark thirty.  so, again i have a week with no sewing.  it should be criminal.  the fine should be mandatory time spent at the sewing machine.

i wanted to post something sewing related today even though i don't have any WIPs to share.  so, with out further ado i give you.....

Space Dust by Tula Pink

you all know that i was at Sisters this past year & that i took a class from Tula while i was there.

i had a couple of pics of Space Dust in my Sisters post but i have been meaning to go back and share the others that i took as well.

some showing the amazing quilting done by Angela.  see the space ship.

the star.

the ladder with the little guy.

the rocket booster.

the falling star.

i love her swirls.

an amazing quilt put together by two amazingly talented ladies.

maybe in the next 7 days i can serve my sentence & spend sometime at my sewing machine.

1 comment:

Sarah Craig said...

Wow that quilt is amazing! I love the color play on the front, and the quilting - unbelievable!

Equally unbelievable is the fact that you can't sew for a week! Ouch! Maybe you can find an LQS with machines in the back that will let you work in a fix in your off hours???