Thursday, July 14, 2011

WIP Whatever....

you know that song from The Wizard of Oz..... 'if I only had a brain' yep that one. that has been my theme song since about the beginning of July. i have lost my mind & i am just about ready to give up looking for it. i know that i have several posts to get caught up on. the class with Tula Pink. shopping at Sisters. the quilt show itself. i know. i know. i need to find my mind. soon.
here are a couple of pics of my purchases at Sisters.
i am slightly impressed that the stacks are not of all green fabric. remember though i didn't have my brain with me on this trip so that could explain the lack of green.
just a few shots of quilts that caught my eye from the show.
yes, i will be doing a whole post with more pics of quilts.
of course i couldn't do a post & not include this one. Space Dust by Tula Pink. i have a million pics of it & the quilting on it. AMAZING to say the least.

i did sew this past week. in the class at Sister's. i got two Cartwheel blocks done.
i am excited with how they turned out & i want nothing more then to finish up the rest of them. but, i have several other things to sew before i can get to that. i have a baby quilt to get cut out, sewin together, quilted and bound by this Saturday. i told you i lost my mind. i have a store sample that i am working on for someone that needs to get done ASAP. i have another project that i need to get back to. plus a million more other things. not to mention the fact that my health is not cooperating with me & i have made weekly trips out of town to the doc. maybe i will find my mind soon & i can get some of this stuff done.


Anonymous said...

The cartwheel blocks are beautiful and Spacedust is incredible! I cant wait to hear your thoughts on Tula and her class.

Sarah Craig said...

Relax and breathe! Everyone loses their mind in July - I think it's the heat!! Your blocks are lovely, so is the fabric, and that butterfly quilt is amazing!!

Talin's Corner said...

Wow, you sure made out with your purchases. Something you said struck a chord with me. I have a lot of green fabrics too (almost twice as many as any other color). So I wonder if there is a larger selection of green fabrics or if we just gravitate to them.