Friday, July 1, 2011


as most of you know i go to Sisters, OR each year for their Outdoor Quilt Show. its about a 6 hour drive for us but we make an adventure out of & have lots of fun getting there. this year will be (i think) my 6th year of attending the show. after the 1st couple of years i wanted to do something more then just go to the show. so 1st i did their quilt block challenge which i did again this year. then i decided to put a couple quilts in the show. last year i only did the block challenge but this year is different.

this year i not only did the block challenge but i have put 3 quilts in the show this year.

this in my Hope Valley Sampler quilt that i did from Amy's QA over at Amy's Creative Side.
i love the back of it just about as much as i love the front of it.
i call this quilt Cotton Candy because of all the soft color in it. the pattern is Strip Search. it was a fun one to make and it went together very quickly.
this quilt i call Red Box. i made it from KarrieLyne's QA over at Freckled Whimsy. KarrieLyne taught us the basic block & then showed us several ways we could lay them out to get different looks.

as most of you know i am also taking a class at Sisters this year. i have talked & talked about it each year i have gone but never have done anything about it. until i was on Twitter and learned that Tula Pink is going to be there teaching a class. the little girl inside of me was screaming with joy & jumping up & down. Shelly & i are taking her class on Thursday which will be a blast.

i hope to do a couple blog posts from the Sisters trip this year. so check back to see what kind of trouble we found along the way.


Larissa said...

They are beautiful quilts you have there Ann!!
Enjoy your trip to the show this year - and soak up all Tula Pink's great advice! Wishing you a safe trip full of fun and laughter!!! x

Sarah Craig said...

Have a great time!! Remember, we want a full report!!

Talin's Corner said...

Very pretty quilts. Have fun at your class!