Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not A WIP Wednesday Post

this is a not WIP Wednesday post. sorry i don't have the 'whatever' to get one together this evening. i thought about waiting until tomorrow but i have just decided to skip it all together this week. i am spent for the day & i am looking forward to a bowl of vanilla ice cream & my bed.

however, this past week something wonderful did happen. DMB kicked off their (way to short) summer concert season. they played 3 nights in Atlantic City this past weekend. the set lists from the shows were great & i am getting excited to see them at the Gorge in September.

i wasn't in Atlantic City but i got this photo from they have some great shots on their site from this past weekend.

before i leave you all i have one question for you. could someone please tell me where the 1st half of this year went?

i am at a loss with how quickly this year is going. next week this time i will be in Sisters Oregon for their quilt show. to me it seems like we just got done with winter.

please tell me i am not the only one feeling this way.......


Rebecca Maples said...

You are not the only one wondering where the year has gone. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that I was fretting over getting my Christmas shopping finished?

Sarah Craig said...

Something tells me it's hanging out with the three socks that went missing from my wash load this week...... ;-)