Monday, June 27, 2011

Sara's Baby Quilt

i have a great friend Sara who is expecting her 2nd child which is a girl. i told her that i wanted to make her a quilt & i asked her what her colors were going to be. orange, brown & pink. i had never worked with those colors together before. Sara was specific "not a lot of pink".

so this is what i came up with. a main fabric with all 3 colors in it set with simple 4 patches done mostly in brown and oranges with a few pinks mixed in.

i love how it turned out. it is so Sara. funky with a little edge to it.
the backing was fun as well.
i picked up this print on a trip to Seattle thinking i would use it to make a bag. but when i went looking for a back for the quilt this was a perfect fit.
colors were smack on & the touch of whimsy fit right in as well.
i am looking forward to giving it to Sara this week & seeing the look on her face. i hope that she is as pleased with it as i am.


Bailey said...

Oh, Ann! It's fabulous - absolutely stunning. That backing is the perfect fit!!!

Sarah Craig said...

That is so cute, Ann! I think it's amazing how well the colors actually work together - and you did such a great job with the design. And I agree, the back is the bomb!

Shannon said...

It is something I would love toown. Great job it is beautiful!!

Sue Frelick said...

You are right. The backing is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Its so cute! I'm sure she'll love it.