Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i know that today is Wednesday however my body is stuck either on Monday or Tuesday. today totally felt like a Monday so that is what i am going with. i had the best intention of getting my WIP Wednesday post up but my afternoon/evening took on a whole new direction.

my regular job got in the way. BIG TIME. i got home from work after running errands on the way home & then got the call. the call that pushed all of my wrong buttons & had me speaking in a very loud voice into my phone as i headed back to my car to go back to work. did you know anger is a very powerful emotion. i rediscovered that just this evening. i know i should do a better job at reacting to things because i can control how i react. but at this point i really don't care. i am mad & upset by what happened. so upset that i am having ice cream for dinner.

we are meeting at 7:30 tomorrow morning to solve this issue. the other party involved had better see things through my eyes or tomorrow will be worse then today. my plan is to do my WIP Wednesday post tomorrow evening. if for some reason that doesn't happen you know that things got ugly & that i am either recovering in the hospital or sitting in a jail cell.


diane said...

oh, I'll be thinking of you. Hope everything goes well. Take a deep breath!

Sharon Pernes said...

Breathe. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Sarah Craig said...

Breathe, and stock up on ice cream! I'll send up a few prayers for you!!! PS Let me know if you need bail money...... ;-)