Saturday, February 6, 2010

the long list

the list is long and the weekend is short (again)
i didn't get done this week what i wanted to but whoever does?
i did get this v-day quilt/blanket done for my niece
its made out of the cuddly fabric w/flannel on the back
if you have ever sewn w/cuddly fabric you know it stretches
needless to say it will be awhile before i sew with it again
also, thanks to my friend Sharon who gave me the pink cupcake
fabric that started this project

i did get a bag started with the fabric below
planning on finishing this tonight after work
will post pics once its finished
i have 2 Christmas quilts to get ready for quilting
they were suppose to be done this past Christmas
but we all know how that goes
hey - i will be ahead of the game for this coming Christmas - right???
since i quilt on my machine i guess time will tell....
the 1st one is "Trees For Sale" pattern made using Figgy Pudding

the 2nd one is a Buggy Barn pattern

and speaking of the Buggy Barn i dug out these fat quarters
that i got there about 1 year and a half ago
i have picked a pattern for these and yes
its a Buggy Barn pattern

i was down and out 1 day this past week with a reaction
to a medication that i just started so i spent a lot of time with my
lap top looking at blogs and quilting websites
what a wealth of information we have at our finger tips

oh, i almost forgot
Sunday we have a road trip planned to a quilt store
that is having its annual Super Bowl Sale
hopefully i won't do to much damage.......

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