Monday, February 15, 2010

down but not out

i am sure you all have been there
have great plans with some great people
then that all goes by the wayside when you get hit
with the stomach flu
yep, thats what happened to me this past Thursday
i was down but not out
i got some hand work done on my Quilter's Journey blocks
in fact i finished the 2nd block

and got the design transferred to the 3rd block
by Saturday i started feeling better and went back to work
on my An Everyday Bag and finished it
i still have to find the perfect button but hey
its 99.8% done

i have a tradition with my cousin which took place on Sunday
we sew and watch the Dayton 500, this year was our
11th or 12th year

anyways, my friend Sharon (about 4 months ago) gave me some
kitchen towels to make her a bag with
so thats what i gone done on Sunday
i didn't get everything done that i wanted to get done
this past weekend but who does?
this week i am headed to those rescheduled dr apts
and to hang out with some friends for a couple of days
oh and also to check out a new quilt store that i found
through blogland they have an Etsy site check them out
and of course i will be stopping by to see my friends
i have the next mystery BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop
to do as well as a block swap block to get done
not much sewing time with being out of town for a couple of days
but there is always next weekend.......

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