Saturday, November 13, 2010

An odd story

this post is so not quilting related but its such an odd story i have to share. last night was the rival college football game for the state of Idaho - Boise State University vs. University of Idaho & it was played in Moscow where the U of I is located - about 30 minutes from here.
before the game i sent my younger brother, who lives in the Boise area, a text that went something like "do you want to place a bet on who will win. haha. maybe we better bet on the score." he came back with "yes betting on the score would be better." i texted back with "52 to 14" & he came back with "64 to 21". so the bet was on even though we had no idea what we are betting on.
keep in mind BSU is nationally ranked so no one in their right mind expected U of I to win & that was the case BSU beat U of I.
but what was the score you ask.....
BSU 52 U of I 14
Vandals bombed by Boise State was the sports headline in the Lewiston Morning Tribune today.
when i sent the text to my brother i just threw out a WAG (wild ass guess) i had no idea how accurate my WAG would be.
back to the world of sewing. i will be getting ready for quilt camp over the next couple of days. still have no plan, no idea what i am taking, maybe i will WAG it again or just punt & pray......
photo courtesy of the Lewiston Morning Tribune