Tuesday, November 16, 2010


at 1 am this morning the high winds started & i was beginning to wonder if we were going to end up in Oz. 20 mph, 30 mph, 40 mph, 50 mph you get the idea all the way up to 85 mph. a barge that was tied to the north side of the river broke free & crashed into the south side of the river during the wind storm. a 60 to 80 passenger jet boat broke free from somewhere & ended up on the rocky banks of the Snake River. needless to say i have been up since then & everything has been upside down and backwards today.
we were suppose to leave for quilt camp tomorrow morning at 6am, however Palouse Divide Lodge is without power & it won't be restored until tomorrow sometime. i feel like a balloon that has had all the air let out of it....... all ready to go (not really) then the plans are put on hold.
getting ready for a 5 day quilt camp is no easy task. usually lots & lots of planning goes into it. not this time.... it was more of a rush job.
i still have these fat quarters to cut as well as a bag pattern to cut out as well. oh, make that 2 bags to cut out. i am a super dork when it comes to quilt camp. i like to have everything precut & ready to go. with 39 of us the cutting tables will be busy & i get a lot more done with everything ready to go.
this is my tub of projects with a few supplies thrown in. its waiting for those bags & fat quarters before it can go upstairs. i take this tub to every camp i go to. its great because it has wheels on it & i just roll it under my table & when i need something i roll it out. it also is a great extra table top when space is tight.
up stairs i already have my large cutting mat, side table, 2 quilts ready to be quilted & my back massager & heating pad. don't laugh those get used a lot.
as well as 'Betty' my sewing machine, thread box & my chair.
i am off to tackle those bags & fat quarters..... thank goodness my clothes are already packed.
i will be blogging from camp for the next 5 days. i am sure there will be some great stuff to share with you all.

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Sarah Craig said...

I hope you get to go, but maybe all this is to give you time to finish getting your stuff cut! Can't wait to see the pics and stuff from camp!