Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today has been.....

today has been a challenging day for me. i know we all have them from time to time & for different reasons. my challenging day came from a lot of various things of which i will only share a couple of.
i am getting a door put on my office & my grandfather being the saver that he is has a whole collection of doors & not just 10 or 20 doors. we are talking upwards of a 100 or more doors. interior doors, exterior doors, doors in casings, just plain door slabs, old bar doors, steel doors, wood doors like i said a lot of doors. so me wanting something different decided to head to his door stash to find a unique door for my office. my dad & i take his pickup that has a large band saw in the back that needs to be dropped off at the repair shop after we pick out the door. now mind you, the band saw is big & heavy & tied in with bungee straps. as we leave the stop sign to turn the corner the bungee straps break & the band saw flips over the tail gate & lands in the middle of the road. thankfully no one was behind us & that there was some construction workers near by to help load the band saw back into the pickup which now really needed to go to the repair shop.
we then made it successfully to the stash of doors where i made my selection & went back to get into the pickup to go to the repair shop only to discover that my dad had locked the keys inside of the pickup.........
you will just have to trust me that the day didn't improve much from there.
i am leaving you with this picture that was taken by my great friend Stephanie at the Gorge in 2009. a double rainbow - it always puts a smile on my face when i look at this picture.
i am thankful that tomorrow is a new day & that we only have 1 large band saw.

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Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Ann, what a day! I'm sorry you had such a rough time. Maybe it will help for you to know that you put smiles on two people's faces today with a couple of your beautiful quilts..... (Wait, that would be three people - there's a smile on mine too!)