Monday, November 29, 2010


this evening i was down in my sewing cave working on some Christmas gifts & having a conversation with myself in my head. it went something like this -
me - have i done a blog post for today?
my response - crap i can't remember
me - what did i blog about yesterday?
my response - crap i can't remember
me - i am pretty sure i haven't done one yet for today
my response - not a 100% sure but 85% sure that i haven't done one
me - what the heck am i going to post about
my response - crap i have no idea
so, it was at that moment that i decided to post about what i am currently working on in the sewing cave. being Christmas gifts & all you get just a few pics of the gift in process.

amazing huh?????
i will show finished pics after Christmas of this gift. i think its so cool that i might just have to make me one as well.
oh, & with regards to me having conversations with myself..... that's just a normal thing around here.

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Sarah Craig said...

Me too! And I bet I know what you are making from the pics - I can't wait to see if I'm right!! I didn't realize you were doing NaBloPoMo too - only one more day!!! Whew!!