Friday, November 5, 2010


to me right now there is no better word.
my fav Dave Matthews & his buddy Tim Reynolds are playing 2 nights in Seattle & i got confirmed for both nights. tickets don't go on sale to the public until tomorrow but because i am a total dork & a member of the fan club we got an early shot at the tickets. i am crazy surprised that i got tickets for 1 night let alone to both nights. they are playing in McCaw Hall which holds roughly 2,900 people. by far the smallest venue i will have seen Dave in. both shows will be benefit concerts with us the concert-goers picking the charity that we would like our money to go to. leave it to Dave to come up with a great way to support numerous causes.
so, December 6th & 7th i will be in Seattle with my BFF Shelly for our 1st Dave show together - ever - hard to believe right????
November has been off to a rough start for me but this news, this silver lining makes me think that things are going to start turning around for me. at the end of these shows i will have seen Dave 8 times this year - a record for me but since he is not touring next year i think its totally worth it. i know, i know some may think i am crazy, insane, whacked out of my mind, but i don't care. this is what makes me happy.
are you doing what makes you happy?
Life Is Short But Sweet For Certain
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Sarah Craig said...

Congrats, Ann! Keep doing what makes you happy!!