Sunday, November 14, 2010

Currently my favorite....

i showed this pic within the last week or so.....
a quilt that i had been quilting myself.
i didn't put the yummy fabrics together. it was a kit that i got from........ i can't remember where. anyways, it was a kit & i had sewed up the top over a year ago at a quilt camp & put it in my tub of tops to be quilted thinking at the time that i would send it out to be quilted.
over this past year or so i have learned more about machine quilting & i am starting to enjoy it more & more. so, i decided to tackle this quilt myself. once i got it all basted i fell in love with it all over again. its totally me.
sorry for the bad pics, i was pushing it to get outside before it got to dark.
i shadow quilted the petals & then replicated the petals in the smaller plain blocks as well as the final boarder. i used a decorative stitch in the striped boarder using a variegated green thread in the light green areas.
by no means is it perfect but quilting is a learning process & i am loving it. i am pushing myself out of my comfort zone & i think i am getting a little better with every quilt.
i pieced the back with all of the scraps & its like i have a separate quilt. i love the back as well.
i really love this quilt. i know i already said it but its true. its currently my favorite quilt & will more then likely hold that spot for awhile. maybe forever.
getting ready for quilt camp is still a work in process. we leave Wednesday morning at 6am. i have some stuff ready but need to work on more.


KarrieLyne said...

I know exactly how you feel about loving a quilt so much!! Its a great feeling to finish something that you love so dearly! Congrats on such a beautiful quilt!

Sarah Craig said...

It's beautiful, Ann! I love the fabrics, and your quilting looks great! It's so much fun to decide on a quilting design, isn't it?

I envy you your time at quilt camp - it sounds like so much fun..... ;-)