Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Colton Silo Project

not what you would normally see from me on my blog - right???
last night i was at a board meeting for The Dahmen Barn & at that board meeting there was discussion about a grain silo that my Grandfather & Great Uncle built in Colton, WA. there is a group of WSU architecture graduate students that have spent some time at the silo & now the silo is looked at as a piece of art & an educational piece. of course, my Grandfather & Great Uncle would have never called it that. to them it would be simply 'a grain bin'.
The Colton Silo Project as it is called by these students is very interesting to check out & a different way of looking at a 'grain bin'. below is a video of pictures taken every 30 seconds over a 24 hour period looking out through the top of the silo.

i found this video to very interesting just to watch it & think what all takes place in 24 hours of our lives as the sky above us changes.

this is the front of the invitation that the students have put together for an event at the silo this coming weekend. i love how they have set the silo in a harvested field & have the people looking at it.
i am also very proud of my Grandfather & Great Uncle to know that even though they are no longer with us the work they did years ago is admired & appreciated by people today.
all photos and videos are from The Colton Silo Project website.

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