Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

better late then never right???? depending upon which time zone you are in it maybe Wednesday or it may not be Wednesday.... doesn't really matter does it??? nor does it matter that i have been fighting with blogger to get this post up. did you ever play uncle when you were little? you know that game where some other kid twists your arm behind your back until you say uncle? well no one is twisting my arm but i am yelling UNCLE. life has been insane for me & i am seriously in need of some sort of a break. done with the venting now. onto the sewing stuff. i was working on this last week when i posted WIP Wednesday & i am please to say that the top is finished. set in brown of course. what else would you expect from me? this past weekend i also worked on some bee blocks. i don't think worked on is the correct term more like seriously messed up. that is what i get for trying to get 8 million things done at one time.
i read the instruction - draw a diagonal line on the back. i stop reading the instructions. draw the diagonal line on the back & i sew on the line.
then i cut 1/4" off from the line & get the above picture. i still have not read anymore of the instructions.
i press them to the printed side & then i read the instructions & that is when i had a total melt down. if my brain would have been working at the time i would have read all of the instructions & saw that the next step after drawing the diagonal line was to sew on both sides of the line. yep, major screw up for me. long story short i have emailed back & for with my bee block buddy & we have something worked out. trust me i still feel like a total ass for what i did. i could have chosen not to share that with you but i think its important to be honest on here & let you know that life isn't always great & wonderful. we are all humans & we all make mistakes which we learn from. isn't that the way life works?
this is what the block looks like when you read all of the instructions. i still needed to sew it together but you get the general idea.
i have also made a little progress on my never ending hand work quilt. for some crazy reason i thought this block would go super fast & i would be onto block 6 by now. me yet again. wrong.

whatever sewing you maybe doing i hope you are having better luck then me. i am ready to be rid of the insane life. UNCLE UNCLE UNCLE


Bailey said...

Love the brown with the prints!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Cool pics! Love the quilt, colors are perfect!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i love your dot quilt!! it looks fantastic in brown!

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, Ann, it will all get better soon! And I love your dot quilt!!!