Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catching Up

this weekend is all about catching up on sewing related stuff.
while i was gone i got some envelopes in the mail.

which contained my Let's Bee Together blocks.

this one is from Carolyn.
this one is from Melinda.
& this one is from Bailey.
{thanks for the little gift}
now onto some recent fabric purchases.
while i was in Boise i visited a few fabric shops.

1st up is Quilt Expressions.
i found the floral print & darker lining for another Cosmo bag & got some dark basics for my stash because we all know i don't like setting quilts with light colors.
i also got this Moda Candy Bar box. i have been wanting to get one of these for awhile now but could never find one that i really, really loved. this one hit the spot with 'bliss'.
the best part of it was that is was on sale. the box was beat up a little but 'on sale' HELLO of course i had to snatch it up.

the next stop was Quilt Crossing.
1st of all i about pasted out when i saw Neptune there let alone the other Tula Pink that i picked up while i was in that shop. i also got some laminated fabric for yet another Cosmo bag.

my last stop was Hobby Lobby
i found this yummy fabric there which i think i am going to use to make another (what i am calling) the zipper bag. i can't remember the name of the pattern. i made one at camp which i have yet to show you but i will soon & then we will all know the name of the pattern.

currently i am working on some star blocks for Moda's Just One Star project which i learned about from Rachel over at ps i quilt. go check it out & participate if you can.

i am also going to make some blocks for Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt who is putting together quilts for Japan. again, go check it out & participate if you can. thanks to Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for featuring Beth on her blog if it wasn't for that i wouldn't know about this great cause.
i hope you all have a great Sunday & check back soon for a quilt camp wrap up post. its nice to be back home & back into my normal routine.


Bailey said...

You just reminded me - Quilt Expressions does a Birthday thing where they send you a postcard and you can use it in the month of your Birthday and get (I think it's) 15% off your purchase. Need to get my booty in there before the end of the month!! Maybe I'll have to check out these Candy Bars and see what I could do with one! Can't wait to see all of your bee blocks come together!

Sarah Craig said...

Love all your pretty fabric! And thanks for the shout-out!!