Monday, March 21, 2011

If you give you begin to live.......

if you are a reader of my blog then you know that i am a fan of the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) & if you are new to my blog..... well now you know.

DMB has a song titled You Might Die Trying which is one of my favs. there is a line in the song that says 'if you give you begin to live'. i am a huge believer in the idea of giving & not just giving of money but of time or talent as well. therefore i am always looking for ways to give with my sewing/quilting talents. i think i get this from my grandmother who was very big in helping people out & donating her time to great causes.

i have completed blocks for 2 causes.

i have made 10 blocks for Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt who is putting together quilts for Japan. go check it out & participate if you can. thanks to Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for featuring Beth on her blog if it wasn't for that i wouldn't know about this great cause.

i also have made 8 star blocks for Moda's Just One Star project which i learned about from Rachel over at ps i quilt. go check it out & participate if you can as well.

its a great feeling knowing that i have contributed to some amazing causes. i know not everyone has the time to do a whole quilt. me included. but a block or a few blocks is something everyone has the time to do.

my motto is

You Get What You Give

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Sarah Craig said...

You're an inspiration, Ann! You've set the bar really high for the rest of us.... ;-)