Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

its Wednesday & there is always a WIP

this is just a WIP of a different sort.

the past 10 days have been a blurr for me. truth be told the past 2 1/2 months have been a blurr for me. my calendar in my kitchen is still on January to give you an idea of how crazy things have been.

super short update:

since the 1st part of January my 90 year old grandma hasn't been in the best of health. she had lived on her own & been healthy up to this point. it has been a change for our family & one that has required a lot of work for some. i also had a trip to Texas for work as well as a trip out of town to the doctors.

since i work with my mom & she has been gone a lot with my grandma i have been working more trying to keep up with both of our jobs. the month of February is a blurr to me.

March came & so did quilt camp - which i will post more about that later. my life was pushed into overdrive on the 6th when my 2nd niece was born.

mom, big sister & baby at the hospital.

i stayed in Boise for awhile. i helped take care of the big monster, did some laundry, meals & those sort of things to be helpful. i did hit some quilt stores as well which i will post about soon.

we went grocery shopping while we were there. not the best pic (taken with my cell phone) but i couldn't resist. my dad on his cell talking & my niece standing in the cart. i am pretty sure that her parents don't let her do that - we just won't tell them.

when i came back home my mom then went down to spend sometime with them. when i got home i spent time with my grandma who was back in the hospital. she is out now & doing better. i am finally unpacked from quilt camp, my laundry is almost caught up & i am working on getting caught up at work.

on top of all the craziness my laptop decided to jump ship on me so i spent a ton of time doing online chatting & stuff like that to bring it back to life.

i just wanted to let you all know that i haven't fallen off the face of the earth. i will be posting soon about the rest of quilt camp, the projects i worked on there, bee blocks that i got while i was gone, fabric purchases made & what ever else i feel like yapping about.

i will say this....

spending almost a week with my family in Boise really make me want to be closer to them...... hmmmm......


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Bailey said...

I can see how things would be blurry!
Boise is a nice place to live, though, I've been here all my life so I'm a bit biased I guess. Glad to hear your grandma is doing better. Can't wait to see what you have to show us!

Shannon said...

I am sorry for your Grandma. It is hard when things get crazy because of a loved one. Happy news about the new baby. I agree, Boise is so nice. I live about 45 minutes away. Take care!