Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Limes, Limes & more Limes

limes, limes, & more limes

i bought this fabric on my Tennessee trip 2 years ago in a shop that had over 8,000 bolts of fabric yes you just read 8,000 - it was a bit overwhelming not to mention that the shop owner tore all of the fabric instead of cutting it - very odd but hey it works for her

on to the quilt

last year i did a block swap/rotation thing with 5 fellow quilters

we each made 2 blocks every other month then rotating the fabric to the next person

i used the lime fabric & ended up sashing my quilt with it becuz i LOVE it so much

i did a simple 4 patch for the cornerstones & bordered it with a light green

its off to be quilted all over & then i will bind it with a dark green

i have decided to take this quilt with me to see DMB at the Gorge this year

Friday night i have tickets for the lawn so this will be perfect

a HUGE THANK YOU to my quilting friends

Shelly, Lynette, Denise, Bonnie & Debbie
(i think i need to take a class on taking pics or get a better camera)


Sarah Craig said...

It's gorgeous! I love all the greens.... Where was that store in Tennessee?

Sue said...

This is beautiful! I love all the green. Is the store you are referring to in Franklin, TN? I have heard there is one there with LOTS of fabric and a crazy owner!