Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm In Love

i'm in love with my new EQ7 software
i am like a giddy little school girl
i watched a couple of the how to videos that came right with the software & i was off to create something using the pinwheels that i made the wrong size for another project
this is what i came up with - just a general idea of where i was going & the coloring is off but it was my 1st project on EQ7 & so i went with it
i sewed it up last night & this is how it turned out
i love it!
its made with Make Life scraps & wrong size blocks from my Pinwheel Sampler quilt that i have been working on
i seriously think EQ7 is the greatest thing
in fact i am thinking of not going to work today so i can stay home and play...

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