Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

hi everyone
not a very productive week.  i have been a bit under the weather.

i did finish up this bag.  which i had put the handles on backwards so i had to unsew.  then re-sew the handles on & add the lining.

bright & cherry on the inside.

i was going to use this fabric to make another bag like the one above but i have decided to make the Spice Market Tote out of it instead.  i think that the owls will be fun in this bag.

i started another scarf with the left over yarn.  i needed to do something while i rested & so this has been it.
i also started on block #6 of my Quilter's Journey quilt.  i am sure it will take me about 6 months to get this one finished.  hahahaha

happy sewing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Additions

here are the new additions that i added to my stash last week.  they all came from The Quilting Bee in Spokane.

left to right.  lining, handles & outside of bag.

left to right. lining, handles & outside of bag.

which bag?  the Spice Market Tote for both sets of fabric.  i have had this Single Girl pattern for awhile now.  i wanted a project that will take some time but yet one that i will enjoy.  this was the winner.  i hope to work on my templates soon.

pretty sure this will be a bag of some sort.  not sure which one yet but i had to have this fabric.

you all know that i love me some Sweatwater fabric.  i had to have this layer cake of Reunion.  i am thinking of Julie's Circle Around quilt with it using this grey Kona.

i also picked up a basic brown Kona & another good brown blender fabric.

last but not least.  backing fabric.  favorite thing about the Bee is its sale hall.  40% off of this.  love it.

i think this is a good addition for the beginning of 2012.  now i just need to get some sewing done.

happy sewing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WIP Plus 3

hey there everyone.  i am still here.  i have just been traveling for the past week & didn't take my laptop with me & since i haven't figured out how to do a blog post from my phone this post is late.  better late then never as they say.

i did get some projects done since i have last posted.

i bought this flannel last fall when i was at a mini quilt camp with the Renegades in McCall.  i knew what i wanted to do with it & just finally got around to doing it.  no surprise pajama pants.

the flannel matches the flannel in a quilt that i made a couple years ago & i still have this quilt.  sort of fun to have pajama pants that go with a quilt.  its a perfect match for snuggling & since we now have snow here......

i also finished this scarf.  i knit.  something i do every now & then.  it was the first time i followed a pattern & did something other then the basic knit stitch.  it was a fun scarf to make & i did un-knit a few times when i had realized i had done a row wrong.  un-kitting is just about as much fun as un-sewing.  anyways.  this scarf was a gift for Someone special to me.  i know that they will enjoy it & use it which makes me smile.

i was in Houston last week & while i was there my sewing machine was at The Quilting Bee (one of my favorite shops) in Spokane getting serviced.  it was in great need of some TLC but i just couldn't part with it.  since i flew out of Spokane to Houston it worked perfectly to have my machine service while i was gone.  i picked it up yesterday along with some new fabric.  smile.  i can't wait to sit down & sew.  its like getting a new machine after they service it.

check back here soon.  i plan on posting some other things i have been working on as well as my fabric purchases that i got.

happy sewing.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


WIP.......  work in process
this week that is me and my life.  i am a work in process.  always.

sadly today i said goodbye to a lifelong friend.  someone who had one of the biggest hearts i know of.

someone who i spent half of my life with on a regular basis.  its not until people like that are gone do you realize the impact they had on you and your life. 

this week i pause to remember her.  pray for her son.  send good thoughts to her family.

and remember that 'life is short but sweet for certain'

so hug a little longer, laugh a little harder and love a little deeper.
you will be glad you did.

Friday, January 6, 2012

WIP Friday

its Friday......
and yes i missed posting on Wednesday but with work & life it just didn't happen.

i wanted to share with you my newest little tool.

its a mini iron from Dritz & i love it.

i keep it beside my machine with the pressing pad & it works great.

i used it when i made this bee block this past week.

i also made this bag which the name of the pattern escapes me but it is from Me and My Sister.  i am in love with the bag.

so in love that i am in the middle of a 2nd one.
and i have plans for a 3rd one.

happy sewing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


new years resolutions

Wikipedia defines this as a commitment that a person makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. this goal must be reached by the Next New Year. keep in mind that this is a goal, not a wish and should be something that you as a person could strive for.

do you make new years resolutions?

i usually do.  in the past they have always been along the lines of learning something new, challenging myself, or just plain nonsense.  i really haven't given much thought to them this year until last night and then again today after a conversation with Someone.  i think that what i have decided upon falls within Wikipedia's definition of a new years resolution.  not that it really matters because in reality the resolutions are mine and mine alone.

so....  i give you my list

1.  sell my house
2.  continue blogging
3.  spend more time with these monsters

4.  see DMB more then i did in 2011
5.  (maybe) travel some

all of these are actual things that i can physically do.

now for the things that are more mental and emotional.

1.  to rise above the little things
2.  continue to live in the present.  the past is just that.  the past.  the future is unknown so why spend time worrying about the unknown.  it will be what it is.
3.  spend my energy on the things that i can control
4.  live for myself.  make choices for myself rather then based on someone else's needs.  i am not being selfish here.  i just don't want to live how certain people think i should live just to please them.

2011 seemed to blow by me with lots of changes and challenges.  some not the greatest while others were mind blowingly awesome.  i want to take the positive from 2011 on into 2012.  i want to go after what i want and see where i land.  so i know that 2012 will also bring lots of changes as well as some challenges - however as the saying goes 'if you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you have always got.'  i am tired of what i have always got and i want something different and i am the only one who can make that happen.

above all i want to make 2012 the best year yet.