Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday

whew, what a week so far. i was down the 1st two days of the week with a bad back. headed back to work today & played catch-up. then raced home to catch the final Oprah show which was well worth the rush to see it.

in sewing land i did get 1 thing finished & i didn't even use my machine. ha. can you believe it. i almost didn't. for the last few years i have been entering the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show Block Challenge - say that 5 times fast. anyways, when i got the fabric it didn't inspire me. i was sort of stuck as to what to do with it. then mama Denise took a look at it & said that she saw a butterfly.

i agreed & made this. all hand appliqued. those that know me might need revived right now. i am not a fan of applique in fact i call it the 'A' word. however, this small project was not to bad. mama Denise thinks she might have converted me to liking applique but i am still on the fence. a small project here or there i am okay with. a whole quilt is another issue.

i got the bazillion flying geese sewin together in their rows & two of the row attached to the side of my Opening Day quilt.
i have started on the next step for the final blocks for this quilt.
and because i wanted some no thinking required sewing i sewed together a few rows of my tumbler blocks as well.

now for the way cool, super exciting, over the top, fantabulous news..........

i am in love. head over heels in love. it arrived on my door step today & its a prince. bet you didn't know you can order those online did you?

yep, Prince Charming arrived today. thank God for online fabric shops. i love you almost as much as i love this fabric. the fabric above will be turned into my bag for Sister's this year. the top print is laminate & i am really looking forward to sewing with it.

don't you just love the frog?

this box was also on my door step today & inside is some more.........

Prince Charming by Tula Pink

yep, the whole line.

i could not resist. its bright, fun, whimsical, amazing, creative........... its love.

i love the frog but i think this is my favorite print with the turtle, the bicycle, the rain drops & everything else that is in this print. Tula Pink knocked it out of the freakin park with this line of fabric. run don't walk to your local quilt shops if they have this line. get online & start pushing buttons. seriously people this is a must have.

i am off to sew some hearts.......


Larissa said...

Oh wow - that fabric is just DE-licious!! And the amount of work you have done, especially laid up for a few days, really leaves me in awe!! You have such will power hun!!! Keep up the good work!

Sarah Craig said...

I love the frog prince laminate - so cute!!!

Talin's Corner said...

The fabrics look really interesting. I like your butterfly block...mama Denise has some insight.

Sara said...

You have been busy sewing and typing. good girl:)

Sue Daurio said...

Love the fabric in you tumblers. But the prince charming fabrics are ridiculously cute!! My daughter is expecting and I just may have to get some of that for a baby quilt or two.