Friday, May 6, 2011

The List

i am always cutting stuff out of magazines. quotes, exercises, quilt patterns, recipes, etc. back what seems like a bazillion years ago i cut this out of a Glamour magazine. i think i was either in junior high or high school. i must have really liked it at the time because i paid to have it laminated. it has traveled with me since through the various stages of my life.

i dug it out of my file of magazine clippings last week. it came to mind during an email conversation i was having with a good friend. at various points in my life either some or all of this list has applied & after looking at it again i still think its worth keeping. i also think its worth sharing. like me maybe not everything on this list applies to you at this moment but i bet that you can find at least one thing that does.

i got to thinking about what that means. how something from a magazine that is 20 or so years old can still have meaning. for me it comes down to being honest with ourselves and being happy with who we are. that is why this list still has some value for me today.

the conversation with my friend has continued via email & just the other day my friend sent me the following.... "You are responsible for your own happiness. No one, even the most dedicated friend, the most devoted love, the most attentive parent, can provide that for you. People close to you want you to be happy, they would help create the environment for that, but ultimately it will be you that decides it, chooses it, makes it happen."

i hope that this finds each of you happy in whatever it is that you are doing.


diane said...

this is great and every young girl should have it hanging in her room!

Larissa said...

OH wow - I am loving this, and may make myself a 'copy' to keep me looking at my life in the 'right' way, lol. I often see those 'not so big' things as HUGE and it is always a good thing to get your focus back to what really matters! Thankyou for sharing this!