Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

in the area of productivity this past week i was not up to par. i went to bed early last Thursday night & got up at 1am to watch the Royal Wedding. yep, i admit it. i was one of those crazy people that just had to watch it live. for me it was worth it. for my body..... not so much. hence the lack of productivity this week.

i did finish putting blackout fabric on my bedroom curtains so that was a good thing. with my need for sleep increasing & it staying light outside longer i had to do something & this was the answer. i am working on a tutorial to show you how i did it. it was easy.
since i already had my serger out to work on my curtains i decided to sew up a couple of pairs of pj pants. i got this fabric back at the beginning of the year & now that they are finished i find myself wondering why i waited to sew them up. the green ones are my fav. if i could i would wear them to work. that is how much i love them.

i have also started the next flying geese phase of my Opening Day quilt. only 128 of them to make & sew together & i will have the 1st boarder ready to go.

i am planning on a busy sewing week ahead. fingers crossed for great success!!!!

"when i step into the light my arms are open wide"


Sarah Craig said...

Cute sleeping pants! I love the owls!! Whoop whoop!!

Sara said...

I made some PJs for my son awhile back,need to make some for myself! Yours are sweeet!! Have fun with the flying geese:)