Monday, May 23, 2011

What Is Worth $100


what is worth $100 to you?

each of us would answer that differently because we each place a different value on things. something that is important to me might not be as important to others.

i was with a group of people awhile back & heard a story about someone paying $100 for something that i thought was ridiculous to pay that much for. i decided that item must have been really wanted/needed by its purchaser however i still thought it was crazy.

so crazy that i have shared the story a few times. one of the times being with my friends at my mini quilt camp that i had at my house. they too thought the person overpaid for what they got. us being us & being a little off center that weekend we ended up turning it into a joke.

'hey can i borrow your scissors for sec?' response 'sure for $100'

'will you refill my glass of water when you go upstairs' response 'sure for $100'
'would you mind if i used some of your spray baste?' response 'no problem for $100'

'do you have a thread in this color that i could borrow?' response 'yep, for $100'

'would you mind stopping & getting us a coffee' response 'sure for $100'

everything was $100 that weekend. let me tell you it was hard to keep track of who owed who what by the time the weekend was over.

so back to the question that started it all. what is worth $100 to you?
fabric, groceries, a new outfit, books, music, etc....

i personally think that the person who paid $100 for that stuff they got - got taken advantage of but that's my opinion & maybe it was worth the $100 to them.

so from that quilt camp forward we will have the catch phrase 'sure for $100' anytime someone asks to use, borrow or get something for them.

so with this post the buck stops here. sorry couldn't resist.

the story never to be told again but to be referred to often with our new catch phrase.

'sure for $100'


Sarah Craig said...

Sounds like you all had a great time - it's just not a party until you've got a catch-phrase!!

Talin's Corner said...

Cute story...